Dua For Defense Against Monkeypox

Dua For Defense Against Monkeypox


A World Health Organization (WHO) release says that the monkeypox virus,
which is usually found in places where it is common,
like West and African countries,
has now been found in twelve places where it is not common.

When there are more police officers in an area,

WHO thinks there will be a lot of cases in places
where monkeypox doesn’t usually happen.

Monkeypox is a disease that is well-known.
According to the World Health Organization (WHO),
There are ninety-two confirmed cases of monkeypox and
twenty-eight probable cases.
are based on twelve member countries that were
not endemic to the virus as of the previous weekday.


Though monkeypox is generally a gently communicable disease that

causes a fever and a particular jolting rash,
and people will recover without having to

be hospitalized in 2 to four weeks, the illness is fatal.

Dua For Monkeypox

Dua For Monkeypox


Muslims endured epidemics of infectious diseases like the one that we tend
to area unit seeing
nowadays throughout the time of the Prophet and his companions.

The Prophet Muhammad and his followers coped with unhealthiness

outbreaks in an exceeding methodology that will apply to today’s world.

The Prophet Muhammad schooled the prayer to reject the epidemic at the time,

beseeching Supreme Being SWT to send the plague to AN finish as quickly as doable.

The Prophet’s prayer to reject reinforcements and plagues may be a Muslim

endeavor to beg Supreme Being SWT to stay calamities and diseases trapped.

In a case like this, we tend as Muslims shouldn’t react in such a panicky manner.

we tend to area units asked to supply a prayer against reinforcements and outbreaks.

Humans Area

Dua For Defense Against Monkeypox

The prayer we’re saying could be a variety of ways to worship and follow the Supreme Being SWT’s orders.
Praying is also a sign that you know how unimportant humans are in the eyes of the Supreme Being SWT.

Since only the Supreme Being has control over what happens on Earth,
we should always pray to the Supreme Being for healing, health, and protection from many illnesses.