Abu Ubaidah Mosque

Abu Ubaidah Mosque


This mosque in the Jordan Valley includes the tomb of Abu Ubaidah-bin-Jarrah,
one of the Ashura Mubbasharah the blessed 10 companions to whom the Prophet
announced their admission into Paradise.”Every nation has a trustworthy man,”
the Prophet remarked, ” Abu Ubaidah (r.a ) was characterized as a tall, skinny,
light-bearded man with two broken teeth that were the envy of all Muslims, having
been broken while assisting the Prophet.

The Prophet was brutally assailed by the enemy during the
battle of Uhud, and two links of his helmet were struck
deep into his head (or face). Abu Ubaidah rushed over to assist him and began
ripping the links out with his teeth. He had lost one of his teeth by the time
one of the connections broke. He ignored this and used his teeth
to take off the second connection as well.
Abu Ubaidah Mosque

Abu Ubaidah Tomb

Abu Ubaidah tomb

During Umar’s Caliphate, Abu Ubaidah replaced Khalid-bin-Waleed as a
Muslim leader during the Syrian Campaign. When the plague reached Syria,
killing many Sahaabah, Caliph Umar promptly addressed
the following letter to Abu Ubaidah, “Assalamu Alaykum, I have a terrible need for which

I need to speak to you face to face.” As a result, I urge you to come to
meet me as soon as you receive this letter.”Abu Ubaidah was a man who lived his life in
submission to his elders. But the instant he received this message, he smiled and realized
what Umar’s pressing need to visit him was. Umar merely wanted him to leave the
plague-stricken area and return safely to Madinah. Abu Ubaidah turned to
his comrades and stated, “I know what our Ameer requires.”

He desires the survival of someone who will not survive.” Abu Ubaidah Mosque
As Umar read the letter, tears welled up in his eyes. “Ameerul Mu’mineen,
has news of Abu Ubaidah’s death reached you?” the people
around him inquired. “No, that hasn’t happened yet,”
Umar said, “but it appears that it will happen shortly.”

Following that, Umar penned
another letter, “Assalamu Alaykum, The land on which you have kept the people is very low.
Take them to a higher elevation where the air is clear.” Abu Ubaidah Mosque

Abu Musa Ashari

Abu Musa Ashari claims that when this letter arrived in Abu Ubaidah, he phoned me and read
the letter from Ameerul Mumineen to me. He then told me to go find a good location for
the Muslim army. He went on to say that before going out looking, he went home to find his wife
infected with the plague. He returned promptly and informed Abu Ubaidah who
had mounted his camel to hunt for a suitable location when it was discovered that

Abu Ubaidah was also affected by the plague. Soon later, his condition
deteriorated and he died near Fahl. This incident took place in the year 17 AH
when Abu Ubaidah was 58 years old.

Muadh bin Jabal performed his Janazah salah (funeral prayer). Abu Ubaidah’s grave
is located in a small chamber close to the Masjid.
As you exit the Masjid, you will notice a big graveyard on your right.
According to the locals, several Sahabah and Shuhadaa who were martyred in
this plague are buried in this graveyard.


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