Dua After Adhan (Azaan)

Dua After Adhan (Azaan)

Dua after The Adhan (Azaan)

Adhan is an Islamic prayer call. The name Adhaan or Azaan has derived from Arabic
and means “Announcement.” It is called five times every day to summon Muslims to prayer.

However, making this Dua is considered Sunnah.

According to the Sahih Bukhari, whoever recites this dua will receive

Syafaah (intercession) of Prophet Muhammad PBUH on the Day of Judgment (Qayamah).

Allah SWT has created Islam a very fruitful religion for all Muslims all over the world and

blessed us with several Prophets to guide us.

He (PBUH) revealed to us the paths that go directly to the gates of Jannah.

The following dua is one of those that allows you to draw closer to Jannah five times a day.

The Advantages of Reciting Dua After Adhan


This dua has numerous advantages be careful to say it as

it is pretty beneficial the one who recites it will receive

Syafaah (Intercession) of Prophet Muhammad PBUH. – Bukhari Sahih.

Dua is never rejected after recitation (Sunan Abi Daud).

It is Sunnah to respond to the Adhaan.

Salawat must be said after Adhan

Dua between Adhaan and Iqamah is never refused.


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