Dua For Sleeping And For Waking Up

Dua For Sleeping And For Waking Up


Dua For Sleeping And Waking Up: Sleep is a requirement for all living things.

It recharges one’s battery

allowing them to better prepare for the day’s activities ahead.

Sleep is necessary whether you sleep at night or take a fast nap. The Dua For Sleeping

helps your brain work better and improves your mental and physical wellness.

Dua For Sleeping


Dua For Sleeping

To function properly, sleep is encouraged. In Islam, however, there are particular etiquette

and laws that must be followed to sleep comfortably and religiously. 

Dua For Waking Up


dua For Waking Up

Sleep in a spick-and-span setting. Many people sleep on their beds,

but you can sleep wherever you like as long as it’s clean and comfy.

It is Sunnah to lightly dust your bed before sleeping so it is clean.

Sleeping on your right side, in the direction of Qibla, is also recommended.

You can also recite several Quran chapters before retiring to bed.

Even if it is optional, it will make it easier for you to fall asleep and will reap great benefits.

You can also make a dua for whatever you want before sleeping.

Add your unique duaa in your own words before retiring to sleep.

You might make duas like thanking Allah for guiding you to Islam and

telling Him how grateful and blessed you are.

You can also request protection, help, and favors from him.

You can also make arrangements, ask for pardon, and

admit to any sins you may have committed.

It can be difficult, if not impossible, to fall asleep at times.

If you’re having trouble falling asleep, performing Dhikr and making dua will assist.

Make a healthy environment for sleeping by turning off lights and

putting your phones away because technology is known to keep you awake.

Ascertain that the surroundings are dark and calm so that you can sleep soundly.