Chehlum Imam Hussain Date 2022

Chehlum Imam Hussain Date 2022


On September 15, 2022, Chehlum is expected to happen in Pakistan.
Chehlum Arbaeen 2022 Date in Iraq.

Iraq and other Arab countries plan to celebrate Arbaeen on September 16, 2022.

On the 20th day of Safar, a holiday called Arbaeen or Chehlum is held.
Arba’ein means “forty” in Arabic, and the event happens after 40 days of Ashura.
On Ashura, the grandson of the Prophet Mohammed (Peace Be Upon Him),
Hazrat Imam Hussain (Blessings of Allah Be Upon Him), was killed.

Muslims all over the world mourn and honor the people
who died at Karbala on Chehlum or Arbaeen Date 2022.

Every year, millions of Muslims do Ziyarat Arbaeen at the
shrine of Hazrat Imam Hussain (Peace Be Upon Him) in Karbala, Iraq.
But the Arbaeen Walk or Pilgrimage is thought to be
one of the biggest public events every year.
From Basra or Najaf to Karbala, people from all walks of life and ages,
including women and children, walk for a long time.

During Chehlum or Arbaeen Date 2022, the Iraqi government and
private groups make plans for the pilgrims and give them everything they need.

Muslims in other countries, such as Pakistan, also celebrate the day with a lot of religious zeal.
In different cities around the country, majlis and processions are held.
Ulemas give sermons about the things that Hazrat Imam Hussain
(May Allah Bless Him) and his followers did help Islam.
On that day, Muslims also pray the Nawafil prayer and do good things to please God.


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