Chef Confirms CZN Burak Doesn’t Have A Brain Tumor

Chef Confirms CZN Burak Doesn’t Have A Brain Tumor

Chef Confirms CZN Burak Doesn't Have A Brain Tumor


TURKEY – Burak Demir often known as CZN is a well-known Turkish chef.

Burak was taken to the hospital, but no brain tumor was discovered.
The chef had been complaining of illness for quite some time
and he was admitted to the hospital due to an unexpected weight loss.

He recently denotes a photograph of himself within the hospital
on social media
that aghast his fans once they learned the tragic news.

Fans everywhere around the globe are praying for
him to recover quickly from his unwellness.

Date of birth:
March 24, 1994 Burak zdemir is also known
as CZN Burak or Burak *zdemir.

He is from the village of Hatay Yaylada Yoncakaya.

Hatay Medeniyetler Sofas is the name of his restaurant chain.

Smiley bae rose to prominence as an internet celebrity by

hosting cooking shows on social media platforms.

His episodes featured dishes from Arabian and

Anatolian cuisines and he was always smiling.

In Aksaray, Turkey he co-founded a kebab shop with his father

the owner of a textile company, Hatay Medeniyetler Lokantas.

Within a few years, their restaurant chain grew rapidly.

Burak Demir became famous on social media for his food videos.

Instagram has a large following.

Restaurants include:

Taksim from CZNBURAK






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