Ashabe-Kahf Cavern (Exterior)

Achebe-Kahf Cavern (Exterior)

kahf Cavern Exterior


It is believed that this is the cave where a group of devout young men (similar to the apostles) spent their time.

time. Christian tale of the ‘Sleepers of Ephesus’) took shelter from a tyrant pagan

Allah put the monarchs to sleep for 300 years. In Surah Kahf of the

The Holy Quran mentions their story. The cave is located in Amman.

Abu Alanda neighborhood. Around 250 CE, a Roman king named Daqyanoos

(Decius) reigned over an assembly committed to idol worship. Many people

would arrive, dressed to the nines. One young man, on the other hand, believed in Allah’s

() oneness, and Isa’s () teachings, and eschewed pagan worship.

He opposed the social norms. He drew in another teen and then another, forming a small group.

When the monarch learned of their mutiny, he grew enraged and ordered their execution.

They escaped and went into hiding to defend their iman (faith).

They met a young farmer with a dog on their escape route;

 gave him da’wah, which he accepted and decided to join them. (Achebe-Kahf Cavern)

 eventually arrived in a cave, where they made dua to Allah ( ) for relief and decided to rest

for a time there, leaving the dog (called Qitmir) to

guard the entrance. Allah put them and the dog to sleep for 300 years.

“You would have thought they were awake, but they were sleeping,”

Allah says in Surah Kahf of the Holy Quran. With their dog extending out its

forelegs at the entryway, we turned them over to the right and left. Achebe-Kahf Cavern

If you had seen them, you would have turned and run away, terrified.” Achebe-Kahf Cavern 

According to the Quran

[18:18]According to the Quran, these sleepers spent 300 years in the cave  

as a result of which their people’s calendar was switched from solar to lunar,

a sleep period of 309 years. They had no notion that {they had|they’d} slept

for hundreds of years and easily assumed they had slept for some hours

once they awoke. once they sent one in all of them to the shop to shop for food, 

The storekeeper was astounded to see such recent coins.

and therefore the truth regarding their time within the cave bit by bit this ruling king,

dubbed Tandoosees by some lecturers, was a devout

follower of UN agency cosmopolitan on foot to envision them and get their

blessings. They were buried in the cave with their dog once these young men died.

Inside, you’ll be able to see the bones of those children and therefore the dog. (Achebe-Kahf Cavern)

An antique olive tree stands to the left of the entryway.

A tiny chapel was built on top of the cave at one time; it was then converted to a mosque, with

the mihrab visible above the entrance. (Achebe-Kahf Cavern)

The cave’s site is also said to be in Turkey, in addition to Jordan (see below) And Allah is the

most knowledgeable.

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