Can I Kiss The Private Parts Of My wife Islam’s Direction

Is it permissible for me to kiss my wife in Islam? After their marriage, a friend told another friend that he would not kiss his wife’s private areas. You’ll never see it stay. “Isn’t this instinctive animal sex?” he responded to another friend when asked why he was uninterested. However, when the second friend heard this response, he became enraged. Kissing, he claims, is the best way to convey affection.
That kiss should be on the forehead, cheek, chest, navel, or genitals, among other places. As a result, sentiments and rights are distributed equally throughout the body. There’s no need to avoid peering into the private regions of the girl with whom Allah Ta’ala has made intercourse permissible. Who is right in this narrative of these two buddies, dear reader?

Is it better to have a first or second friend? What is the Islamic legal assessment of their arguments and claims? In today’s blog, we’ll discuss – What is the Islamic rule against kissing the intimate regions of the wife? In a documentary style, I’m attempting to clarify the situation.

Is It Halal Or Haram To kiss My Wife In Islam

Simply said, kissing a wife’s private parts is legal. However, a full discussion is required to comprehend its different elements and explanations. In Islam, the physical delight of husband and wife is based on legitimacy. As a result, they will be able to have sex and pleasure based on their own wishes and needs. Allah Ta’ala declares in the Holy Qur’an that the husband and wife

are allowed to have sexual relations –

Is It Halal Or Haram To kiss My Wife In Islam


Your wives are your harvests,’ says the narrator. So go ahead and plant your crops as you please.’ (223) Surat al-Baqara

A different verse –

‘You (husbands) wear them, and they (wives) wear you.’ (17th Surah al-Baqara)These two verses grant the husband and wife complete sexual freedom.

They can have as much fun as they want with each other. Want to appreciate the beauty of form by donning expensive jewelry and clothing, or want to see each other’s private areas by revealing the entire body? I want her to enjoy licking and stroking her private areas or having sex while lying down. However, in the case of primarily husband-and-wife intercourse, all methods are allowed, but two considerations must be made.

There Are Two Points To Remember

The first is to abstain from all forbidden activities. Anal sex, intercourse during the menstrual period of the woman, intercourse during the mandatory fast, intercourse during the Ihram of Hajj and Umrah, and so on.

Anal Intercourse Is Forbidden By Rasulullah 

‘With his wife, he is cursed to have anal or anal sex.’ ‘Allah Ta’ala will not look at

the individual who has had intercourse with his wife’s anus,’ in other words. (2174 – Abu Dawood).

In this way, he prohibited both sexual intercourses and breathing during menstruation:

“Whoever has intercourse with a menstrual lady or in her anus, or comes to a fortune

teller and trusts her, he has contradicted everything that Muhammad has revealed” (Tirmidhi – 135).

Sexual intercourse is also prohibited in the state of mandatory fasting and ihram, according to many sources. The second point is that it is preferable to avoid any sexual behavior that is opposed to human nature, excellent character, or average taste. In light of this idea, many professors advise against having oral intercourse because it is so unpleasant to the taste.

The masala we’re talking about today, however, isn’t oral sex or genital sucking. Instead, it’s just a face or a kiss on the genitals. It is valid, according to several imams and Muhaddiths. Here are a few examples of such viewpoints.


Can I kiss The Private Regions Of My Wife’s Opinion And Citation?


 1.– Imam Ibn Abidin (Hanafi)Rahimahullah, said 

Imam Abu Yusuf – Rahimahullah – inquired about a man who sexually touches his wife Imam Abu Hanifa – Rahimahullah –His genitals are also touched by his wife. Is it a problem for him to be excited? Imam Abu Hanifa did not claim that the issue was unsolvable.  Rather, I’m hoping to reap the benefits. Raddul Muhtar (Raddul Muhtar)

2. Maliki’s Qazi Ibn al-Arabi said:

The husband’s ability to see his wife’s genitals is a point of contention. An individual’s viewpoint is valid. Because it is easier to see a person’s genitals when they are legal.

3.– Asbagh – Rahimahullah – stated

that kissing the woman with the tongue is permissible.

4– In the passage  Mawahibul Jalil Sharhu Mukhtasari Khalil Says:

Some people, according to Imam Asbagh, believe it is makruh to confront his wife sexually. Those who name it makruh, he claims, are not speaking it as a Shari’ah rule. From the standpoint of medical research. This isn’t a problem at all. Makruh isn’t it? It is reported that Imam Malik  (may Allah have mercy on him) declared that looking at the wife’s private parts during intercourse is not difficult. Similarly, licking with the tongue, according to another version, is not difficult.

5. – According to Imam Finani (Shafi’i)

Even if you prefer licking the private areas, the husband can have all kinds of orgasms with his wife except for anal sex.

6 – In Al-Insaf, Imam al-Mardabi (Hambli) said:

Kissing the wife’s private areas before intercourse is acceptable. After intercourse, however, it is makruh. A wife can kiss her husband’s genitals in the same way.

7. Sexual contact between husband and wife

is basically legal As a result until clear evidence of the Qur’an or Hadith is found,  no method of sexual intercourse can be said to be forbidden.

8. If intercourse with the wife is acceptable,

there is no reason why something less intimate could not be beneficial.

A specific warning

It will no longer be permissible to put the mouth there if you can prove that touching the genitals of the wife or the genitals of the husband would cause any sickness.

As The Prophet Declared 

Being injured and harmed is against Islam Ibn Majah (Ibn Majah)  was a Muslim who lived in the seventh Similarly, a spouse or wife cannot be forced to face the other’s private areas.

In the Holy Quran, Allah Ta’ala says:

Reconcile in a positive way with them (Nisa – 19).

In Islam, Is It Permissible For a Husband To See His Wife’s Intimate Parts Quranic & Hadithic Answers

In Islam, intimacy is still a sensitive subject. From relationships outside of marriage to how husband and wife should act after they marry, A common question about the intimacy between a Muslim husband and wife is whether a husband can see his wife’s private parts in Islam. The answer to the question does not exist in Islam, so we must exercise caution in order to reach the correct conclusion. We can consult hadith and other Sunnah. We’re here to try to help you understand the answer.

Can a Husband And Wife See Each Other Naked

Before resolving the subject of whether a Muslim husband can see his wife’s private parts, it’s worth considering if a Muslim married couple can be with each other when entirely naked. Again, the Holy Quran does not clearly address this issue. Fortunately, Aisha RA, one of the Prophet’s cherished wives, had something to say about it. There are three hadiths that mention it.

Is kissing Your Lips Haram

Kissing is acceptable between a married male and female (including kissing on the lips), but only in private and with the wife’s approval. … The Islamic faith considers public kissing to be Haram. Bidah is not kissing the Quran. When Ikrimah opened the Glorious Quran, he used to place it on his forehead and kiss it as a sign of respect, according to Imam An-Nawawi. Then he would add, “This is Allah’s utterance,  this is Allah’s Book.”

What Exactly Is Halal Love

Halal Love Story is about two deeply religious men who set out to make a film that would fit their definition of ‘Halal,’ which in the Quran means “permissible or lawful.” Zakariya also investigates the conservatism that governs the community, and thus the expression of its female members.

Can Condoms Be Used In Islam

Within Islam, there is no single position on contraception; however, eight of the nine classic schools of Islamic law permit it. However, more conservative Islamic leaders have openly campaigned against the use of condoms and other methods of birth control, rendering population planning in many countries ineffective.

Can kissing Help You Lose Weight?

“You could burn two calories per minute — double your metabolic rate — during a really intense workout.” really passionate kiss,” he says. (This compares to 11.2 calories burned per minute jogging on a treadmill.) If it was extremely hot and humid, you might be looking at a caloric expenditure comparable to a brisk walk.

Can Muslims kiss Before Getting Married?

At the same time, despite the fact that Islam emphasizes the importance of foreplay, such acts as kissing, touching, and the like are not explicitly mentioned in Hadith.
According to Sunnah, sexual intercourse must be avoided unless foreplay occurs.

Is It Possible For a Man To See His Wife’s Private Parts, Islam

In Islam, there is no explicit statement about whether it is permissible for a husband to see his wife’s private parts. Muslims are allowed to show their private parts to their legal spouse, according to the Quran.

What Is Haram In a Marriage

When it comes to marriage proposals, it is haram for a Muslim man to propose to a divorced or widowed lady during her Iddah period (the waiting period during which she is not allowed to marry again).

The male can convey his desire for marriage, but he is unable to make a formal proposal.

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