Ayat al Kursi Importance And Benefits

Ayat al Kursi Importance And Benefits

Ayat al Kursi Importance And Benefits

Ayatul Kursi’s Importance

Ayat al Kursi is a Surah Al-Baqarah Ayah (verse255).
According to Prophet Muhammad (SAW),
it is the most important Ayah in the Quran.
It is one of the four Quranic parts that are connected to Arsh (Allah’s Throne).
The significance of the Ayatul-Kursi can be
derived from the words of prominent holy figures.
“The Ayahs leader of Quran Kareem is Ayatul Kursi,” Hazrat Ali (R.A) said.

What Are The Advantages Of Reading Ayatul Kursi?

In this magnificent verse, we see Allah SWT’s eternal,
unending nature, and the fact that nothing and
no one can exist apart from His will.
He is the only one who can remain constantly alert and aware of everything going on at all times.
Since He is the sole owner of heaven and earth, nothing can hide from His All-Knowing gaze.

He owns everything in the heavens and everything on earth.
Because He is the Highest and the Best!

Hazrat Ibn Masood said, “Allah the Highest didn’t make anything higher
than Ayatul Kursi in heaven or on earth, in Jannat or Jahannam” (RA).

Hazrat Ibn Masood (R.A.) also said that Ayatul Kursi
is the highest place on Earth or in the sky.

What majesty it is to worship a God with such great qualities
and who is the only true Lord with absolute power?
We shou
ld thank Him for all the good things He has given us.
We should feel like we have to get down on
our knees before Him and testify to His power and authority.

1 – Defense Against Jins And Evils

Good Eye The ultimate truth that has been mentioned by Allah (SWT)
and his Prophet Muhammad PBUH is the existence of Jinn.
We become ill, experience black magic,
or see something that ought to be hidden from human view,
which fills us with dread and uncertainty.

When we firmly grasp Allah’s rope,
neither magic nor the evil eye will be able to harm us.
We are protected from such ills by reciting Ayatul Kursi alongside other supplications.
and grow our faith in Allah’s support and His strength.

2 – The Most Extensive Knowledge

We have always heard that knowledge is the greatest power,
and it is indeed true. We read countless volumes in
an effort to learn the answers to the questions that
trouble our inquisitive minds. We discover such gems of
information that we believe we are wiser than others.

This Fa’ani world is where the knowledge that we frequently seek is found.
Find out what our Creator instructs us to do and what makes Him Happy.
We should also search for the pearls of wisdom that belong to our deen.

Ayatul Kursi is the greatest verse in the Quran, and according to a Hadith,
learning it is equivalent to acquiring the Greatest Knowledge.
because it speaks in the most majestic way possible
about the beautiful truth of Allah’s supremacy and Omnipotence.
It is something we should always treasure and wear as jewelry.

Protection of Resources, Family, and Home

We are reluctant to leave the house unattended when we leave to go somewhere.
Our minds are constantly considering the negative
things that could happen or the possibility of an invasion.

Similar to this, we worry when our kids leave the house
because they are out of our sight.
We call them a lot to check on them and
make sure they get to their destination safely.

However, we shouldn’t be concerned about the security of our possessions,
our kids, or our house when we have the Kalaam and the word of Allah.
The most potent verse that surrounds them in a shield
and defends them with the power of Allah SWT is Ayatul Kursi.
Its protection prevents any harm from occurring until Allah SWT commands it.

It is imperative that we regularly blow it
on our kids and recite it before leaving the house.

5 – Defense Against Satan

The most ferocious adversary of believers is the devil.
As promised to Allah SWT,
he attacks him from every angle in an
effort to drag him into the depths of sin.

I’ll instill false passions and desires in them. (Qur’an 4:19)

He alters our perspectives, which could mislead us.
However, a Muslim has a glimmer of Imaan
that can be reawakened with the aid of Dhikr of Allah SWT.
The verses of Allah soothe a hardened heart and
dispel any doubts that might have been impeding their path to Allah.

When recited, Ayatul Kursi shields a believer from all Shaitani attacks.
These are beautiful and powerful verses that
wash away the evil whispers that lead a believer astray.

The Benefits Of Saying Ayat al Kursi Before Bed

We are usually so exhausted when we get into bed that we fall asleep right away or,
occasionally, use our phones to scroll aimlessly through social media.
Then we lament a sleepless night and other disturbances.

What takes place?

Before going to bed, Muslims should invoke Allah and make supplications.
so that we are guarded against all types of bad dreams
and other evils that could harm us in the dead of night.

Allah sends an angel to guard us when we recite Ayatul Kursi,
the most potent verse in the Qur’an.
And with the Lord of the Heavens and the
Earth watching over us, we can rest soundly all night long.

Reciting Ayat al Kursi In The Morning Has Many Benefits

We shouldn’t expect to have a good and clean start to the day
if we spend our mornings scrolling through social media
and posting about our morning routine.

Why? Because we should begin each day by praising Allah SWT Today,
however, we are so preoccupied with living that when we awaken,
stress and worries are already present in our minds,
preventing us from giving thanks to Allah for another day.
We just want to jump out of bed and start working on
the tasks at hand; we don’t want to pray fajr salah and recite duas.

When we leave this temporary home, will all of this be helpful?
We should pause for a second and ask this of ourselves.

We should begin our day with prayers in the morning and express gratitude
to Allah for allowing us to live another day.
It is recommended that we recite Ayatul Kursi to protect ourselves
from strange situations and unforeseen events.
It protects us from any harm that might befall us.


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