Attahiyat And Its Importance

Attahiyat And Its Importance

Attahiyat And Its Importance: We recite Attahiyat as a significant “Dua” every day in Prayers.
When the Prophet Muhammad SAW went on his journey of Al Isra Wal Miraj,
Our Creator Allah SWT and Our Beloved Prophet SAW spoke about attahiyat.

It is the specific dua that we say in a certain way at the end of the Prayer’s last Rak’ah.
Salah is a meeting between a person and his Creator, ALLAH SWT,
so it is reasonable to hope for something amazing to happen at the end of such a meaningful
and special session. Because of this, salaah ends with strong praise called cum dua.

When Muhammad (PBUH) met with Allah:

Prophet Muhammad saw Allah SWT, he didn’t say ‘Assalam Alaikum.
When one finally comes face to face with Allah, SWT,
what are they going to say? Because ALL paths to peace lead through him,
it is inappropriate for us to wish him peace.

Then the Prophet Muhammad said:

“Attahiyyaatu Lillahi Was Salawatu Wattayyibatu”(All compliments,
all prayer and worship are for Allah)

In response, Allah SWT said:

“Assalamu Alaika Ayyuhannabiyyu ‘Warahmatullahi Wabarka’tuhu”
( Peace be with you, Oh Prophet, and Allah’s Mercy and Blessings).

“Salamu Alaina Wa’ala’Ibadillahis Saa’liheen,” the Prophet Muhammad SAW said
in response (Peace be on us and on all good slaves of Allah)

In his answer, Prophet Muhammad SAW said “us” (and on all good slaves of Allah)
And when the angels heard what Allah SWT and His Messenger SAW were talking about,
they said:
“Ash’had’u’un La ilahaillallahu Wa Ash’hadu Anna Muhammadun Abd’uhu Wa Rasooluh”
(I swear that only Allah deserves to be worshipped,
and I swear that Muhammad is His slave and messenger).

Attahiyat in Arabic

Attahiyat And Its Importance

Why do we pray Attahiyat in Our Prayers?

So many beautiful greetings, prayers, and blessings for ALLAH,
His beloved Prophet Muhammad, and His angels.
Prophet Muhammad never forgot to talk about his ummah
and send blessings and peace to his ummah, even when he was talking about something so important.

Now I know how important Attahiyat and this conversation are in our daily prayers
(Salah) and how they are set up.

Allah is the most beautiful word there is.
Rasulallah is the best example I can think of (SAW).
Islam is a beautiful lesson. No song as melodious as Adhaan. T
here is no charity as important as Zakat. Al-Quran is the only perfect book.
Salaat is the best prayer (Namaz). There is no diet as good as fasting.