Allah Is Prophet Muhammad (PBUH)

Allah Is Prophet Muhammad (PBUH)

Allah Is Prophet Muhammad (PBUH)

Allah Is Prophet Muhammad is a role also God’s
ultimate messenger was to both confirm the
the truthfulness of the teachings of the prior prophets
and to reverse whatever mistakes or modifications
that the followers of the earlier monotheistic faith
traditions had been made in the original religion of humanity.

Muhammad is regarded as the conduit for the
the culmination of God’s guidance to humanity;
Cover all people rather than a specific place, group, or community.
Additionally, his life serves as a wonderful illustration of how to fully practise Islam.

And most people don’t know that We sent you
(O Muhammad) solely to announce good tidings
and warn all of humanity. (Quran 34:28) – Allah Is Prophet Muhammad

Muslims generally view Islam as a revival of
the “primordial” religion of mankind, emphasizing
the recognition of God’s Oneness and adherence to
His rules, as opposed to a “new” religion as it also embodies
the same message and instructions that
God gave to all of His prophets.

The belief that Islam only exists today as a result of
the scripture revealed to Muhammad and his own
teaching is a fundamental aspect of faith.
Therefore, Muhammad is considered God’s final messenger
and the “Seal” of the Prophets.
After Muhammad, who died in 632 CE, Muslims
do not recognize any other prophets. Allah Is Prophet Muhammad

No man among you has Muhammad as a father,
but Muhammad is Allah’s Prophet and Messenger,
and Allah is All-Knowing. (Quran 33:40).

The early life of Muhammad, including his trade occupation,
his marriage to Khadijah, his earliest revelations,
and the persecution of the first Muslims by his own Quraysh tribe.


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