Inside The Kabah (Interior View)

Inside The Kabah (Interior View)


The Kabah is the holiest building. It is in the middle of the Al-Haram mosque in Makkah.
In Islamic culture, it is a very important thing. When people go to Saudi Arabia for Hajj or Umrah,
they pray seven times while going counterclockwise around the Kabah.

Ismael, the son of the Prophet Abraham,
helped construct the Kaaba as a place of worship for the Almighty.
During the five daily prayers, adherents turn to face it as a show of devotion to God.
This makes the Kaaba’s outside structure and interior view beautiful.
A high number of pilgrims attend Hajj annually.
The Saudi government added to the mosque’s 40-acre grounds so that
it could accommodate more worshippers.

What’s Inside The Kabah (Interior View)

Inside The Kabah (Interior)(Source by Flicker)

  1. The Kabah is a cube-shaped structure covering 180 square meters.
  2. The roof of the Kaaba is held up by three pillars made of wood.
  3. When entering the Kaaba, the staircase to the Kaaba’s roof is located to the right.
  4. On the walls of the Kabah are several items that date back to the time of the Umayyads,
    the Ottomans, and other dynasties.
  5. There are also some old lamps that are hanging inside the Kaaba.
    These lamps were formerly utilized to provide illumination.

It has a floor space of 180 square meters and is held up by a wooden
ceiling supported by three columns. Inside The Kabah
Each of the 1,350-year-old columns has a 150-centimeter-wide base and a 44-centimeter-wide cylinder.
Every one of these pillars has a hole in the middle.

Abdullah bin Zubair, a prominent Muslim leader and one of the Quran’s authors,
constructed the three monuments. A hatch is a rectangular room with no windows
and a door that opens into the ceiling;
it can be reached through an enclosed staircase.

The door is hidden by a silk curtain embroidered in gold and silver.
The Quraysh also added a roof to the Kaaba when they reconstructed it.
When they finished roofing the building, they sealed off the western entrance.