8 Good Husband Signs in Islam

8 Good Husband Signs in Islam

8 Good Husband Signs in Islam8 Good Husband Signs in Islam

When choosing a spouse, our emotions, our attraction to the man,
and the opinions of those around us frequently cloud our judgment.

As a result, it is challenging for us to identify
the characteristics of a good husband-worthy man.

I hope this list will help you identify the husband-worthy men
in your life if you have any plans to start
looking for a spouse soon (or right now ;).

By the way, a wife-worthy woman will be drawn to this kind
of good husband-worthy man. Try to consider whether
you possess these wife-worthy qualities as you read through this list of qualities.

Best wishes! Let’s get right to it, then.

1. Justice

In Islam, one of the characteristics of a good husband is righteousness.
They will respect their wife more if they behave piously toward Allah.
The women they want to marry will notice,
prompting them to pray to Allah for guidance on how to maintain Istiqamah.

Righteousness would bestow Taqwa on the husband,
which would benefit their future family.
This type of behavior, according to Muslims,
is one of the characteristics of a good husband for women in Islam.

The majority of Muslim women believe that their husband is a
reflection of their demeanor and behavior,
according to some Dua of the newlyweds in Islam.
Such as those mentioned in Surah Al A’raf verse 26 of the Quran.

2. His five Prayers Every Day Are Perfect

Please don’t even consider marriage if he doesn’t pray at all.
It is extremely risky to wed a man who hasn’t
committed to his wife before knowing his Lord.

If you do come across a man who prays five times per day,
pay attention to how he prays. Does he offer prayers in
a submissive manner to Allah or like a pecking bird
that forages on the ground? I mean it. It’s essential!

I have a sister who requested that two of her brothers
“investigate” potential husbands for her at their workplace.
Her two brothers went to the workplace and pretended
to be applying for jobs there. When it was time for prayer,
they asked the brother to serve as the imam and lead the
prayer because they wanted to observe how he prayed.

8 Good Husband Signs in Islam

The two brothers returned to their sister with the results of their “investigation.”
He was nice and polite, so what made him stand out
was that he prayed very quickly, almost as if he were in a hurry.

There was a period of time when they didn’t worry about it.
Both families were on board with the marriage,
and the sister and the guy had mutual feelings of attraction,
so the wedding went forward.
8 Good Husband Signs in Islam

Let’s jump to the present day This sister told me that even after 20 years of marriage,
her husband still prays very quickly,
to the point where he frequently loses count of the number
of rakaats, he has prayed (exactly the way he was before marriage).

This sibling also confirms the rumor that her husband is always
distracted during Salah. His reluctance to read the Quran,
his dislike of Islamic lectures, his lack of guilt when praying
at the last minute, etc. are all indicative of a general
lack of interest in practicing his religion.

My point here is that his attitude toward his Salah is a good
indicator of his overall attitude toward his religion
(ie, does he read the Quran, increase Islamic knowledge,
live by the Sunnah, and so on), and it all shows in the quality of his Salah.

Okay, this may not seem like much to some,
but if you want to raise good, religious children in the future,
this type of man will not be a good role model for them.
So, instead of a pecking chicken,
Choose a man who prays as if he is Allah’s humble slave.

3. Manners And Behavior

In Islam, a good husband is one who has good manners and acts in a good way.
As long as they have good Taqwa or faith in Allah,
they will also have good manners and act in a good way toward others.
This is part of how to make a marriage stronger in Islam.

Most Muslims think that they should marry someone with
good manners as shown in how they treat other people.
Most Muslim women think that what they do will show in their husbands as well.

Like what is said in Surah Al-Baqarah, verse 187, below.

4. Reasonability

Being reasonable is one of the characteristics of a good husband in Islam.
Everyone is aware that getting married can completely
upend your life in today’s harsh society.
We need a man who can think clearly about
everything that occurs to us as a result.

Being a sensible man would aid their partner in making decisions.
That prompts the husband and wife to consider everything that might damage their union.

like what is stated in Surah An Nisa’s verse 128 of the Quran?

5. He takes Good Care Of Himself

Self-respect means that a person loves who he is and takes good care of himself.

I don’t know about you, but I like men who do more than just
clean themselves and have a sense of style.
It gives me an idea of what kind of person he is.

For instance, my husband likes to keep things simple.
His style is clean and easy. I think it shows in his whole personality,
in the way he thinks, talks, and deals with life. Nothing is over the top.

Plus, if he takes care of himself, he will automatically know how
to meet his own needs, insha’Allah.
He doesn’t need you to do extra things for him or remind him
to do basic things like stay healthy, active, clean, etc.

He would appreciate your assistance in any capacity.
but you don’t need to worry if he’s not taking care of himself.
He takes care of himself well.

As his wife, all you have to do is add value and give him great
ideas for how to improve his life and become a better person. InshaAllah

6. He Cares About People

The most important sign of a meaningful life is how good your relationships are
. Good people know this.
To determine how good a man is,
consider how he treats everyone in his life.

Does he still have friends from his childhood?
Does he have a strong network of people who care about him?

Most of the skills you need to keep a friendship strong are
the same skills you need to keep a marriage strong, like trust,
communication skills, a sense of humor, etc.

If he doesn’t have many close friends with whom he’s been, friends
for a long time, he might not know how to keep relationships going.

If you marry this kind of guy, bad things will happen like these:

He doesn’t fight fairly, and you’ll be upset when you realize he won’t ever agree with you.

An insufficient effort is made by him to develop a deeper relationship with you (a very superficial guy)

He can’t be honest and open with you.
This will make it hard for you to trust him because problems will come up,
and if you don’t know what’s going on in his head and
he doesn’t have the skills to tell you exactly where he stands,
you’ll be the one who’s frustrated most of the time.

So, all in all, do yourself a favor and look for a man who
already knows how to keep all the relationships in his life going.

Inshallah, that’s a good sign of a man who is mature and can be trusted.

7. He Never Passes Judgment On Others

A good man knows that we all have problems of some kind.
Every day, we all have our own wars to fight and demons to kill.

The best thing we can do for each other is to
help each other up as we go and not judge each other.

I really think that how a person sees other people is
how they see themselves on the inside.
So, if someone judges others in any way,
they are judging and viewing themselves in the same way.

It’s okay. God will take care of them.
You need to find a man who is kind and caring to spend
the rest of your life with. InsyaAllah,
he’ll be a great teammate who will be there
for you through life’s ups and downs


8. Last Thoughts On Figuring Out If He Would Make a Good Husband

It’s easy to spot a good man, as long as your feelings and
attachments to him don’t get in the way.
If you look at him with an open mind, you’ll be able
to tell how good of a man he is and if he would make
a good husband for you, insha’Allah.

Best wishes!

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