Sudan Pilgrims Visit The Kiswa Complex With A Delegation

Sudan Pilgrims Visit The Kiswa Complex With A Delegation

Sudan Pilgrims Visit The Kiswa Complex With A DelegationSudan Pilgrims(Source By SPA)

RIYADH: On Tuesday, Abdul Hadi Ahmed Abbas,
the head of Sudan’s Pilgrims’
Affairs Mission and a group of
people with him went to
the King Abdulaziz Complex for
Manufacturing Kaaba Kiswa. Sudan pilgrims

The group was met by
Faisal bin Saleh Madani,
the complex’s director general,
Hamza bin Abdulelah Al-Ayouni,
the complex’s assistant director
general for public relations and media,

Ali bin Hassan Maash, the director of
the production department,
and Mukhtar Alem Shaqda,
the complex’s calligrapher.Sudan pilgrims

The delegation heard a
a presentation about how the
processes of making,
replacing, and fixing is done by
different teams made up of more than
200 skilled Saudi technicians in total.Sudan pilgrims

Abbas said that the Saudi government was doing a good
the job of taking care of the
Two Holy Mosques and pilgrims.
At the end of the trip,
people swapped gifts and mementos.

This year, the Kiswa was changed
on the first night of
the new Islamic year, which was Muharram 1, 1444,
or Saturday, July 30.
This was a change from the norm.

The Kiswa is decorated with 120 kg
of 21-karat gold thread
and 100 kg of silver thread
embroidered verses from the Qur’an.

That it will cost SR25 million
($6.65 million) to make a new 850 kg Kiswa,
making it the most expensive covering in the world.

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