Some Rules Of Ethics In The Life Of The Prophet SAW

Some Rules Of Ethics In The Life Of The Prophet SAW

In a book called “Seerah of the Last Prophet,” written by the Iranian scholar Ayatollah Mohammad Reyshahri, he talks about his most important traits. Here are six rules the Prophet (PBUH) lived by during his whole life.

The first rule is that all of the Prophet’s actions align with the mind.
Here, intellect doesn’t mean intelligence. Instead,
it means the ability to keep someone from doing something wrong.

Imam Sadiq (AS) says that God does not send a messenger until Prophet didn’t have a perfect mind. If we look for the place of reason in the Prophet’s life,
we can say that all of his actions have been in line with rational analysis.

Rules Of Ethics In The Life Of The Prophet SAW

Some rules: The second rule is to stick to rights and treat them with respect.
The Quran has given the Prophet’s message and itself different names.
One of these names is “sidq” (truth), and the other is “haqq” (right).
So, it is not possible that the Prophet’s (PBUH) actions are not based on the right.
Haqq means to set and right. In fact, if Anyone stays true and constant over time it becomes Haq. The Prophet’s actions were also right and set.

The third rule is to promote Justness.
He quotes a verse from the Quran and says, I have been told to be justness to you.
In another place, he says that someone is the fairest who likes for other people what he likes for self.

Some Rules: The next rule is to live simply. Simplicity means living a simple.
He didn’t interest in things like wealth and ceremonies.
They would talk and play with kids and personally greet guests.
All of these things show how simple the Prophet’s life was.

Another is to follow rules. He didn’t behave in a way that was against the rules.
He ate the same things that everyone else did.
He dressed and behave so much like everyone else that it was hard for people who were new visitors to Medina to distinguish him from his companions.

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