Iranian Hajj Official Has A Heart Attack, But Saudi Doctors Save His Life

Iranian Hajj Official Has A Heart Attack,

But Saudi Doctors Save His Life

Iranian Hajj Official Has A Heart Attack, But Saudi Doctors Save His Life

The Saudi Ministry of Health says that medical personnel at the King Abdullah Medical City (KAMC)

in Makkah saved the life of yet another pilgrim who had a heart attack while conducting Hajj rituals on Sunday.

Ministry officials named the pilgrim as Mohammad Reza Gholamrezai Refatiani,

who was in charge of the Iranian medical team accompanying the country’s Hajj delegation this year.

When 60-year-old Refatiani began experiencing chest problems, he was rushed to Ajyad Hospital,

where he was diagnosed with a heart condition. There, he was placed on life-saving medication and brought to the hospital.

“Doctors accessed the previously enlarged and stented posterior

left coronary artery during a first catheterization procedure.

According to the statement, Refatiani underwent a second catheterization

procedure to widen the left anterior coronary artery,

eliminate stenosis from his coronary,

and insert the newest advanced technology represented by video technology for coronary vessels.”

Consultant cardiologist Dr. Mohammed Al-Ateen, who treated the patient,

emphasized the efficiency of the emergency system in place to assist pilgrims,

which allows patients to be sent to the hospital quickly following the onset of severe heart attack symptoms.

Refatiani’s case was handled quickly, allowing the Iranian pilgrim to be saved, Al-Ameen added.

Health Centers

More than 93,229 pilgrims have been treated by the government’s network of hospitals

and health centers in Makkah, Arafat, Muzdalifah, Mina, Jamarat, and Taif, as of Sunday.

Open-heart surgery, 187 cardiac catheterization procedures, and more than 250 additional

surgeries were among the most common services given.

The ministry’s Virtual Health Hospital also provided services virtually to over 2,200 pilgrims.

After experiencing significant chest symptoms,

Refatiani was the latest pilgrim to undergo an emergency cardiac catheterization operation at KAMC this Hajj.

Hussain Qasmi Jalmrazy, who had been complaining of severe chest symptoms,

was successfully treated on July 2 by heart doctors at KAMC.

Hajj rituals could be performed by the patient from central Iran following the operation.

German pilgrim and Syrian refugee, both 54,

had heart attacks on July 8 and were saved by KAMC doctors.

KAMC medical professionals saved the life of a Nigerian pilgrim in his 30s

who was in cardiac arrest due to acute heart palpitations and a sudden drop in blood pressure,

according to the health ministry’s confirmation on July 7.

This was an extremely serious case.

After his heart stopped beating, he was resuscitated by emergency crews,

and surgery was done to treat his condition immediately.

In addition, he was able to complete his Hajj.

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