Saudi Arabia Announces Hajj Season Was Successful

Saudi Arabia Announces Hajj Season Was Successful

Saudi Arabia(Source By pixabay)

Hajj season in Makkah this year has been a great success,
according to Prince Khalid Al-Faisal of the Makkah Region
and the president of the Central Committee for the Hajj.

Prince Khalid was quoted as saying,
“I am pleased to announce that this year’s
pilgrimage has been successful in the security,
service, and health fronts.”

This year’s pilgrimage
has resulted in no reported incidents of infection
or disease outbreak, he said.

Prince Khalid said that the success was
due to a large amount of money, projects,
and staff that the government put into making
sure that the Hajj went smoothly and safely for pilgrims.

He said that the security staff and medical staff were
doing a great job of helping pilgrims from all over the world.

In the meantime, Saudi Health Minister Fahad Al-Jalajel
said that there were only 38 cases of COVID-19 among pilgrims
during this year’s Hajj and that they were
quickly treated in line with health protocols.

Al-Jalajel also said that no diseases were
spreading among pilgrims.
He said that this was because the
government had made a good health plan.

He said that the holy sites had more than
230 places where pilgrims could get specialized
medical care. 130,000 pilgrims were
cared for by more than 25,000 doctors
and nurses and 2,000 volunteers.

The health minister said that 10 open heart surgeries,
more than 187 cardiac catheterizations,
and 447 kidney dialysis were done during the Hajj season.

Seha Virtual Hospital served over 2,000 pilgrims.

Al-Jalajel praised the work of the medical staff and
how well they worked together to make sure the Hajj was sa

Saudi Arabia Announces Hajj