Rules For Qurbani, Qurbani Rules For Husband And Wife

Rules For Qurbani, Qurbani Rules For Husband And Wife

Rules For Qurbani

Why Muslims Do Qurbani

During Qurbani, also known as the Festival of Sacrifice,

animals are sacrificed and their meat is distributed equally among you, your relatives, and the impoverished.

Rules For Qurbani 

In the addition to praising Allah, Muslims perform Qurbani as an act of obedience that purifies their money.

Muslims observe Qurbani commemorate the sacrifice Ibrahim (AS) was willing to make

because he exemplified the level of devotion and submission expected by Allah.

In the addition to being an act of obedience, Qurbani is also a highly important

act of charity that is mirrored throughout the religion of Islam.

Specified Qurbani Regulations In The Quran

Prophet Ibrahim was willing to sacrifice his 13-year-old son Ismail

as a sign of submission in response to Allah’s test of his faith.

But before Abraham could sacrifice his son, God sent his angel Jibreel (Gabriel),

who substituted a ram for Abraham’s son.

Since then, Muslim families all around the world have slaughtered

livestock on Eid al-Adha to commemorate the supernatural intervention.


Hadith On Qurbani Meat Distribution: The Prophet of Allah said,

“Whoever sells the skin of his sacrifice, it was not offered for him.

” It is forbidden to sell the skin, flesh, or fat, and it is also forbidden to pay the person

who slaughtered the sacrifice with meat unless it is a gift.

He would give one-third to the members of his household,

one-third to the poor of his neighborhood, and one-third to charity.

Our Beloved Prophet (PBUH) is reported to have stated, on the authority of Ibn Abbas:

“Feed the members of his household a third, the impoverished of his neighbors a third,

and give alms to a third of the population”

Qurbani Animals Rules

Not all animals are fit for Qurbani, and there are age and health requirements for sacrifice.

Sheep, Cattle, and Camels The animal’s minimum age should be at least;

  • One year of age for sheep and goats (equivalent to one person’s portion of Qurbani).
  • Two years of age for cows and buffalo (equivalent to the Qurbani share of seven individuals).
  • Five years of age for camels (equivalent to the Qurbani share of seven individuals).
  • Any animal chosen for sacrifice must be in good health and free of disease, such as;
    Their horns are impenetrable.
  •  At least half of their teeth must be present.
  • And may not have lost more than a third of their ears or tail.
  • And cannot be blind or have vision loss of thirty percent or greater.
  • They must walk without a limp or disability.
  • Must be well-nourished and grown with care, as opposed to being skinny or lean.
Family Members and the Qurbani

Qurbani rules the husband, wife, and children.

Every eligible Muslim should give one share of Qurbani,

and parents should give a share in the name of their children.

One goat or sheep is equal to one Qurbani share,

while a cow or camel is equal to seven shares and can be divided between seven people.

The Qurbani rules say that a husband and wife can make a joint donation,

but the animal must be big enough that each person gives the required one share.

Most households donate a larger animal worth seven shares, but it’s not required.

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