Rakhi Sawant Converts To Islam And Change Her Name

Credit: Social Media

This good news has really surprised Rakhi Sawant’s fans, who think she is the most entertaining person in B town. Rakhi has tied the knot with her longtime boyfriend Adil Khan Durrani. On social media, people are sharing a video of this couple’s Nikkah. Fans are excited about her new path.

Rakhi Sawant went through a lot in her life, but she never stopped trying to make a better place for herself in the business world. Rakhi had been in trouble before, but his relationship with Adil Khan Durrani was really different this time. Adil made a big difference in her life, that’s for sure. Rakhi made a few public appearances with Adil Khan, and every time she did, she put in a lot of work to make sure she was fully covered and had a dupatta on her head.

Adil and Rakhi are now husband and wife. Rakhi didn’t want Adil to come after her name. Her name is now Rakhi Sawant Fatima because of her age. It’s something that’s very important to her and has a big impact on her life. That would probably be the biggest change in her life. We’re all in love with this video from her Nikkah ceremony. The two have also shown photos of their Nikkah documents.

People on social media are fully behind Rakhi Sawant, and they are telling others not to judge her based on her past. The best thing is that she has joined Islam, which will change her life. We’re happy for this couple and wish them the best for the future.