Parda Its Islamic Context and Meaning

What Exactly Is Pardah?

In Islam, Pardah refers to the separation of women from men who are considered Na-Mahram for her.
Parda is completed by wearing a veil and keeping herself hidden from the eyes of any Na-Mahram.
Na-Mahrams are those with whom women and men are not permitted to be alone, such as cousins brothers or sisters, uncles, aunts, and so on.

How Do Muslims Aggravate Pardah?

In particular, today’s young see parda as a very minor attribute.
Society has evolved into a more egalitarian setting with mixed-gender gatherings for the benefit of development.

Today, Muslim men and women who don’t know each other well don’t find it weird to talk to and spend time with each other.
This kind of behavior is not thought to be modest.

When A Man And A Woman Are Together, What Occurs?

Shaitaan loves it when a Muslim man and woman who are not married to each other stay together alone.
He tries to get them to do something bad so that they will be far away from Allah.

According to the Qur’an,

Pardah in Islam

Therefore, Shaitaan always follows a Muslim man and woman who are Na-Mahram and tempts them to commit new sins whenever they are alone together.
Most likely, a long look is an initial act that leads to adultery.

In Light Of Islam, Advice

To avoid having personal encounters with a male, any honorable and modest Muslim sister must take all the required steps.
Not only should strangers not be permitted to spend alone time with you, but also any male cousins, brothers-in-law, or uncles.
You can make sure to keep your conversations with men to a minimum for this reason.
If you’re speaking to guys for any reason relating to your job, you should strive to avoid shaking hands.
You should also avoid making eye contact with anyone as much as you can.

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