Muslim Hijabi Women With Hijabi CV Images Get Less Job Offers In Netherlands, Germany’

Muslim Hijabi Women With Hijabi CV Images

Get Less Job Offers In Netherlands, Germany’

Muslim Hijabi Women With Hijabi CV

A new study has found that Muslim women who apply for jobs in the Netherlands and Germany

and include a picture of their hijab on their CV are less likely to get a call for an interview.

The academic article, which was published in the journal European Sociological Review,

said that discrimination usually happened when

a job required dealing with clients and customers in public.

This was reported by TRT.

In a long-term field experiment, researchers Marina Fernandez-Reino, Valentina Di Stasio,

and Susanne Veit chose a group of candidates and sent two job applications for each one.

One application had a picture of a woman wearing a hijab, while the other one did not.

In the Netherlands, almost 70% of job applications including a photo of a woman
without a head covering were called back for jobs that required a lot of contact with customers.

But only 35% of people whose photos showed them wearing a hijab were accepted.

Dutch institutions have traditionally been open to accommodating the rights of religious minorities,

so the high level of discrimination we found there is especially surprising and points to

the possible stigmatizing effect of recent policies meant to help immigrants assimilate culturally,” researchers said.

In Germany, the same thing happened: 53 percent of Muslim women who didn’t wear hijabs

got good feedback from their employers, while only about 25 percent of hijabi women did.

Muslim women

In Spain, on the other hand, there was no statistically significant bias against Muslim women who wore headscarves.

Commenting on the results of the study, activist Jihad al-Haq criticized European culture by saying,

“Europeans think their racism is okay because they have good reasons to be racist.”

Wearing the hijab every day requires a lot of courage, and Voula Via, a researcher, Muslim Hijabi Women

believes that we will never stop worrying about prejudice because of the headscarf.

Some studies have shown that Muslim women who wear hijabs face discrimination when looking for jobs.

Doris Weichselbaumer of Cornell University did a study in 2019 that found that women in Germany

who wore the hijab and women with non-German names that suggested they were immigrants were both treated badly.

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