Israeli Raids In West Bank killed Six Palestinians

Israeli Raids In West Bank killed Six Palestinians

Israeli Raids In West Bank killed Six Palestinianssource by: AFP

Israeli forces went on sweeping raids in the occupied West Bank early Tuesday,

killing six Palestinians and injuring nearly 20 others,
according to the Palestinian Health Ministry.

Israeli Prime Minister Yair Lapid said that
a militant leader of a new group of Palestinian fighters called “The Lions’ Den,” Wadih Al Houh,

was among those killed in the city of Nablus in the northern West Bank.

The Palestinian health ministry said at first that “Israeli fire in Nablus”
had killed three people and hurt 19 others, including three seriously.

Later, it was reported that two more Palestinians had died in Nablus
and that another Palestinian had died in fighting near Ramallah overnight.

The Israeli army said it had done a big operation with police
and intelligence officers to target a place “used by the main operators of the ‘Lion’s Den,’

” calling it the militants’ “headquarters and a workshop for making weapons.”

“The forces blew up the place where explosives were made,”
the army said in a statement that did not give a number of deaths.

“A number of armed suspects were hit during the activity.”

Tamer Al-Kilani, a Lions’ Den fighter,
was killed in Nablus on Saturday night by an “explosion”

that the group and the Israeli press said was caused by a bomb set off by the Israeli army from afar.

The army did not respond to these claims.