The Islamic State’s Power Is Spreading Across Africa

The Islamic State’s Power Is Spreading Across Africa

The Islamic State's Power Is Spreading Across AfricaThe Islamic State’s Power

According to a new UN report,
Islamic State has been able to spread
throughout Africa by the use of affiliate groups.
These organizations share an ideological and
methodological affinity with the Islamic State.

Mozambique is a good example.
“There are perhaps in the region of 800,000 people
displaced in northern Mozambique by these
attacks and by this attempt to construct
a caliphate there” claims Voice of the Martyrs’ Todd Nettleton.

Christians and other religious minorities are
oppressed wherever their affiliates are present.

“ISIS asks, ‘Who are the Christians?’
” As a first step toward instant
conversion to Islam,
they will have the individual recite the Islamic creed.

And they’re beheading those people who won’t convert to Islam
or renounce their Christian religion.

Christians are often persecuted in other ways,
such as having their homes burned down
or being forced to escape their communities if they survive being killed.


According to the Islamic State’s interpretation of the Quran,
“everyone who is born into a Muslim household is a Muslim,
and they are expected to be a Muslim their entire life,
” Todd explains, describing the group as an extreme Sunni organization.

Someone from that background who comes to faith in Jesus is
considered an apostate by the Islamic State.

They should be given a single chance to convert back
to Islam before being put to death.

Is there any way to stop the spread of something so deadly and destructive?
The Bible offers guidance, but so do politicians, economists, and activists.
The Gospel, Todd believes, needs to be spread.

“We must inform them about Jesus,
help them realize salvation by Christ alone,
and teach them to love their neighbors and the best for our neighbors,
” said one expert, “and that is direct opposition to what the
Islamic State is teaching and putting into action in
the places where they have influence.”

Christians attract attention when they respond to violence with love.
There has been a newfound receptivity to the Gospel over the radio,
according to Voice of the Martyrs and their local allies.

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