Is New Year Celebrating In Islam Halal Or Haram

When the new year is close, it’s hard not to get into the holiday spirit. With decorations on Every Street and every corner, parties for New Year’s Eve in full swing, and countdown clocks flashing on your favorite websites, you might think that everyone is just as excited about this time of year as you are.

But what does Islam say about the celebration of the new year? Is it haram or okay for a Muslim to plan or attend a New Year’s party?

It’s one of those things about which most points of view are the same.
But some of them might have a different point of view.

Most scholars agree that Muslims can’t celebrate and greet on the Gregorian new year because it’s a sign of respect for other religions and isn’t part of Islamic teachings.

Almost nothing exists in Islam in regard to the Gregorian new year.
It may seem futile to debate an alternative calendar at all given that Islam has its own calendar.

But since the world uses the Gregorian calendar and we all follow it, it’s important to talk about how we do things now.

Is enjoying the New Year acceptable for Muslims?

Many preachers today think that celebrating the new year is imitating Jews and Christians, which is not allowed in Islam.

If we look at the history of Islam, we almost never find Muslims celebrating this day in a special way.

In a hadith, the Prophet Muhammad (peace and blessings of Allah be upon him) said:

New Year Celebrating

Islamic scholars think that Muslims don’t need to celebrate the Gregorian New Year because they have their own calendar (called the Hijri).

But let’s say you think that going to a New Year’s party will help you connect with people from other places. In this case, most people think it’s okay to be there as long as the goal is to celebrate a social event without doing anything illegal (such as drinking alcohol or consuming drugs like weed, etc).

Islamic scholars think it is important for Muslims to stay away from any religious part of the New Year’s celebration

Some scholars agree that if your family isn’t Muslim, you don’t have to stay away from family and friends for New Year’s celebrations. You can keep good relationships with your family if you have the willpower to stay away from sins and know what your role is as a Muslim.

Fatwas About Muslim New Year’s Parties

One Islamic school of thought believes that New Year celebrations are least likely to include any Islamic practices. For instance, you won’t see a celebration in a mosque where the people follow Islamic rules.

By that logic, they believe celebrating New Year is not permissible for Muslims

Another fatwa says that the tradition of celebrating the New Year began in Babylon, where people did it for 11 days. During this celebration, people worshipped statues and did other things that are against Islam.

So, people shouldn’t celebrate the New Year because they are more likely to do wrong.

What Islamic scholars have to say about whether or not Muslims can New Year Celebrating

Most scholars say that you shouldn’t go to parties where you think there’s a chance you might do something wrong.

Most people agree that there are a lot of shady things going on at New Year’s parties, especially in places like the United States and Europe. For example, alcohol, music, and gatherings of many different kinds happen often.

Some experts think that the Gregorian calendar is wrong in a technical sense. Since our year starts on the first of Muharram, it is technically wrong to celebrate the new year.

Sheikh Muhammad Salih al Munajjid says that it is not okay to take part in New Year’s celebrations.
He thinks that it is a festival for people other than Christians and that Religious people shouldn’t fall for it.

Is it forbidden in Islam to wish someone a Happy New Year?

Shaykh Muhammed Saalij Al Munajjid and IslamWay both say that wishing someone a happy new year is not allowed.

They think it is against the law for a Muslim to wish someone a happy (Gregorian) new year because:

  1. It involves acting like a kuffaar
  2. Islam does not teach people to celebrate the New Year
  3. If a Muslim wishes someone a happy new year, it means that they accept or approve of the Kufr ritual

Some Final Thoughts

Islam has nothing to do with New Year’s Eve or Day. In fact, it’s hard to find examples of Muslims celebrating their own new year on the first of Muharram.

Most Islamic scholars think it’s a copy of other religions’ beliefs and that it’s best to stay away from it.
Some people think it’s okay to wish people a happy new year as long as they stay within the rules of Islam.

We tried to find as much evidence as possible about the subject To Help You Make The Final Decision. As always, our goal is to be fair and give you the facts.