In UAE: Ramadan 2023 Dates And Eid Holidays Revealed

The holy month of Ramadan will probably start on Thursday, March 23, this year. Astronomical calculations show that the holy month will last 29 days, with Eid Al Fitr likely starting on Friday, April 21.

In a video, Ibrahim Al Jarwan, who is the head of the Emirates Astronomical Society’s Board of Directors, talked about the astronomical calculations and likely dates.

From Ramadan 29 to Shawwal 3, the UAE has the official Eid Al Fitr holiday (Hijri Islamic calendar months). If the calculations about the stars are right, the break will be from Thursday, April 20, to Sunday, April 23.

Al Jarwan also gave us a good idea of when Eid Al Adha will happen. The expert said that Monday, June 19, will be the first day of the Islamic month of Dhul Hijjah. This means that Eid Al Adha is probably going to be on June 28. The most likely date for Arafah Day, which is the day before Eid, is Tuesday, June 27. So, the holiday will be from Tuesday, June 27, to Friday, June 30, which is a five-day span.