In Makkah Holy Mosques’ Authority Honors Volunteers Who Assist Pilgrims

In Makkah Holy Mosques’ Authority Honors Volunteers Who Assist Pilgrims

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According to the Saudi Press Agency, on Monday the “Mosque’s Servants:
Ambassadors of Humanity” initiative was launched in MAKKAH by the General
Presidency for the Affairs of the Two Holy Mosques in honour of the United Nations’ World Humanitarian Day.

The purpose of the programme is to recognise the efforts of those who assist the elderly
and those with physical limitations in visiting the two holy mosques and other places in Makkah and Madinah.

Each month, on the three White Days, volunteers give Iftar, push wheelchairs for free,
and assist pilgrims who are making the journey to Mecca.

The undersecretary-general for social, voluntary, and humanitarian services,
Sheikh Khalid bin Fahad Al-Shalawi has stated that certified
volunteers serve pilgrims at the two holy mosques.

The “Umbrella of Mu’tamer” project, which provides
umbrellas to pilgrims so that they can stay dry during their rites,
was also introduced by the presidency earlier this month.

Al-Shalawi said Saudi Arabia celebrates
World Humanitarian Day to honour relief workers and volunteers.
It promotes awareness and motivates young people to help, he said.

Sheikh Dr Abdulrahman Al-Sudais,
president of the Two Holy Mosques’ General Presidency,
stated the Kingdom remains dedicated to
addressing worldwide problems through KSrelief.

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