3,000 volunteers help Hajj pilgrims

3,000 volunteers help Hajj pilgrims

3,000 volunteers help Hajj pilgrims(Source By Pixabay)

In response to the coronavirus pandemic
the Hajj and Umrah Ministry has reactivated the
Be a Helper volunteer program and set up its operational plan for Hajj.

Specialized tracks for volunteers to meet the needs of pilgrims
have been
identified by the ministry including hospitality service health
and emergency service providers (such as water providers) translations and
guidance assistance for the elderly waste reduction and administrative
support to name a few.

The ministry held special camps for both genders with integrated services,
including housing and transportation 3000 volunteers
to provide rehabilitation and development courses for volunteers.

Over 3,000 people have volunteered with the Be a Helper
program during the current Hajj season.
They are split up into teams
that operate round-the-clock
to assist pilgrims at the holy sites everywhere.

At the same time, the Ministry of Islamic Affairs Dawah
and Guidance started a free program to give pilgrims
150,000 bottles of cold water.

Pilgrims were given more than 100,000 bottles when they
arrived at the Namirah Mosque in Arafat to pray the Dhuhr
and Asr prayers.
Another 50,000 bottles were given to
pilgrims at the next stop Muzdalifah.

The goal of the ministry is to give pilgrims the best
services possible
and this is one way to do that.3000 volunteers

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