Does Zina Include Masturbation?


Of course, masturbating does not fall under genuine Zina. Most scholars agree that this is a bad habit, and they point to verse 5 of Surah al-Mu’minoon as proof.

Masturbation does not entail any legal penalty. But one must truly apologize to Allah and fill his time with acts of worship while staying away from things that could tempt him or her or make him or her feel sexually excited. The following tips could be helpful:

  1. Fasting is important because it strengthens your faith, keeps you pure, and keeps you from having bad thoughts.
  2. Eat and drink in moderation so you don’t make yourself want to do something.
  3. Stay away from things like pornographic pictures, erotic movies, and love songs that make you feel sexually aroused.
  4. Pick friends who are good and honest.
  5.  Stay busy with worship and spiritual things.
  6. Participate in society’s activities in a way that keeps you from thinking about sex.
  7. Stay away from places and events that bring men and women close together.

In general, masturbation does not violate virginity. If a woman does it, though, she could lose her hymen, which could have serious psychological and social effects.

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