Mother And Wife Who Comes First?


Who gets there first, the mother or the wife? Many people think it’s your mother since she gave birth to you and can do anything in heaven.
But in reality, both have the same rights.

You can’t compare your love for your wife and your love for your mother because they are so different.
The same is true for your daughters’ moms.

The Status Of Mothers In Islam

There are a lot of hard things a mother has to go through in order to have a child. She not only takes care of her child while it is in her womb for nine months, but she is also responsible for raising the child. It is true that a pregnant woman’s body can break down her bones to feed the baby growing inside her.

The Prophet (P.B.U.H.) said,

“Paradise lies at your mother’s feet.”

This doesn’t mean you have to be on your feet all the time to serve your mother.
But the larger message is that if someone wants to know where Jannah is, they should go to their mother’s feet.
Every Muslim brother and sister must obey their mothers, treat them with respect, and pray for them in both worlds.

Abu Huraira said that someone asked, “Allah’s Messenger, who among these people deserves my kindness the most?”

He said, “Your mother, again your mother, again your mother, then your father, then your closest relatives in that order.”

These Hadiths show that, in Islam, mothers have certain benefits that should not be overlooked.
Let’s not forget to love and respect our fathers as much as we love and respect our mothers.
They should also get our attention and care.

Status Of A Wife In Islam

She has financial rights over her husband. He has to give her everything she needs to live comfortably.
The husband is expected to take care of his wife’s needs at home and help her financially in a socially acceptable way.

You care a lot about your wife. From helping you raise and teach your children to take care of your home and being by your side for the rest of your life. A good wife will always try to keep her husband on the right path, will pray for him, and will want to go to Jannah with him. Allah says that your spouses are like clothes for you. A piece of clothing may or may not fit perfectly, but it always covers, protects, and looks good.

She can’t replace a mother, but she can be a friend, a guide, a nurse, or a cook. When you put each other first, you create the best conditions for a beautiful relationship in which each person feels loved, supported, and safe.