Albuquerque Police Are Investigating The Killing Of A Fourth Muslim Man

Albuquerque Police Are Investigating The Killing Of A Fourth Muslim Man

Albuquerque Police Are Investigating The Killing Of A Fourth Muslim Mansource by:

New Mexico’s capital city of Albuquerque has been rocked by an outbreak of the flu.
Another Muslim man has been slain in Albuquerque, according to police.
He may have been linked to the killings of three
other Muslim males in the metropolis, according to police.

An early Saturday morning shooting at this location.

After midnight, police were dispatched to the
intersection of Truman and Grand.
Police arrived to find a Muslim man shot to death.
This occurred in San Mateo, California,
near “Lutheran Family Services,” a refugee aid group.

There is a possibility that Mohammad Zahir Ahmadi,
who was slain last year, is connected to this case.
Aftab Hussein killed less than two weeks ago, is the second victim.
Monday night’s third victim was Muhammad Afzaal Hussain. 

Albuquerque Police Are Investigating

Now, who was Naeem Hussain, the assassin of the night before?

Just a few hours ago, police gave an update on their investigation,
but they haven’t said if the attacks were the work of one person or a number of people.

To catch the assailant of Muslim males, law enforcement officials appealed to the public.
They couldn’t say whether they had any leads or suspect descriptions at this time,
but they are urging anyone with information or tips about
any of these four murders to call law enforcement immediately.

Both the district and U.S. attorneys in Albuquerque
spoke out against these killings on Saturday,
urging the Muslim community there to remain
vigilant and extra careful in the coming days.
These killings may be linked, according to APD,
but the investigation has only just begun.

“Is APD treating this person as a serial killer?”
According to APD Public Information Officer Gilbert Gallegos,
“This is a disturbing death that, as far as we can tell,
is connected to the others.”

Hussain would have been killed in the same manner as the other Muslim males
who were ambushed and shot. Currently, APD is unable to release that information.

We also inquired about whether or if officers believe
that since many law enforcement agencies are on their tails,
the suspect is increasing the intensity of his attacks.
In response to your question,
APD was unable to respond.

In closing, a message to the Muslim community was delivered during the news conference.

Do not enter or exit a vehicle or home without first letting
someone else know you are entering or exiting,
and make it quite clear that others are monitoring you.
APD Chief of Police Harold Medina remarked,
“It’s critical that we all keep an eye out for one another
and perform our daily activities in an open and transparent manner,”

APD stated that they will be expanding patrols in designated areas across the metro,
but they did not specify where these patrols will be.

As a result, a slew of groups has increased their rewards for information leading to an arrest.
“CAIR” — the Council on American-Islamic Relations in Washington,
D.C. — a Muslim civil rights organization, contributed $15,000 to the project.



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