Salman Rushdie Attacker Praised by Iran conservative Media

Salman Rushdie Attacker Praised by Iran conservative Media

Salman Rushdie Attacker Praised by Iran conservative MediaSalman Rushdie (Source By Twiter)

The ultra-conservative Iranian newspaper Kayhan praised
the man who stabbed British author Salman Rushdie On Saturday. In 1989,
an Iranian fatwa said that Rushdie should be killed.

Rushdie was on a ventilator after being attacked at a literary event in New York state on Friday.
This was more than 30 years after the late supreme leader Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini’s fatwa,
which told him to go into hiding.

The tabloid, whose editor is nominated by the current supreme leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei,
praised the guy for his “courage and duty-consciousness” in attacking the
“apostate and perverted” Salman Rushdie in New York.

The publication went on to say that we ought to
“kiss the hands of the one who ripped the neck of the enemy of God with a knife,”
and we should do so.

Iranian media, with the exception of the reformist journal Etemad,
all took a similar tack in labeling Rushdie an “apostate.”
According to an Iranian government newspaper,
Satan’s “neck was sliced with a razor.”

Salman Rushdie Attacker Praised by Iran’s

No one in power in Iran has talked about the stabbing of Rushdie in public.
But Mohammad Marandi, an adviser to Iran’s Vienna nuclear talks, said,
“I won’t cry for a writer who spews hate and disrespect for Muslims and Islam all the time.”

But isn’t it funny, he questioned,
“that the US accuses of a strike on Bolton just as a prospective nuclear deal is drawing close,
and then this happens?”

Iran had already said earlier on Friday that it would accept a final compromise
to get back to the 2015 nuclear deal it made with the rest of the world,
so this attack came as a surprise. After the EU gave its “final text” in Vienna, this is what happened.

On Wednesday, the US Justice Department said that it had charged a member of
Iran’s Revolutionary Guards with offering $300,000 to someone in the US to kill John Bolton,
who used to be the White House’s national security advisor.
The claims have been called “fiction” by the Iranian government.

Rushdie got a lot of attention when his second book, “Midnight’s Children,” came out in 1981.
It was about India after it got its independence, which is where he was born and where he grew up.
The book was praised all over the world and won the prestigious Booker Prize in Britain.

After “The Satanic Verses” came out in 1988 and Khomeini called for his death because of it,
his life changed in a big way.
In 1998, Mohammad Khatami, a reformer who was president of Iran,
told Britain that Iran would not carry out the fatwa.
Khamenei said in 2005, though,
that he still thought Rushdie was an apostate whose death would be okay in Islam.