Hazrat Umar (R.A) Series Urdu Dubbed Episode 5

Hazrat Umar (R.A) Series Urdu Dubbed Episode 5

umar series

Hazrat Umar, a historical Arab TV drama miniseries, is made and shown by MBC1.
The show is directed by Syrian director Hatem Ali, and Qatar TV is one of the co-producers.

Based on his life, a TV show tells the story of Omar ibn Al-Khattab, the second Caliph of Islam,
from the time he was 18 years old until the time he died. There are 30 episodes in the series as a whole. Omar Tv Series

When Caliph Hazrat Umar (R.A) makes a pilgrimage, the first episode shows him giving a speech to the other pilgrims.

The caliph next visits Mecca for a look around. An emotional flashback to his 18-year-old self working for his strict father Khattab ibn Nufayl occurs during this time.

At the time.
The flashbacks from Umar’s point of view show his whole life story,
from when he was a wrestler,

a businessman, and most importantly, one of the leaders of the Quraish, to his life, after he converted
to Islam and became one of the closest friends of Hazrat Muhammad (SAW) and a very devoted believer,
as well as a brave example for all modern Muslims and a brave fighter in all modern Islamic battles. Omar Tv Series

The story keeps going through the conquest of Mecca, the death of Hazrat Muhammad,
Abu Bakr’s time
as a caliph, and his own death. It then moves on to the legacy of Hazrat Umar (R.A).

Abu Lulu killed him, which is why his legacy as caliph tells the stories of how his caliphate got better and more complicated up until the time of his death. This is seen from the point of view of the person looking at it. 

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