Muslim Women Life During Menstruation (Periods)

In Muslim cultures, women are traditionally expected to observe certain customs and practices during their menstrual period.

These can include refraining from certain activities, such as prayer and fasting, and avoiding physical contact with a spouse.


Can women recite the Quran during Menstruation?

Yes, a woman can read the Quran even when she is having her period.

Women had their periods when Allah’s Messenger was alive, so if reciting was forbidden for them like it is for men, this would have been one of the things he told his community not to do, and the mothers of the believers would have known about it and told the people.

But the woman is not allowed to touch the Holy Quran without gloves, a handkerchief, or a clean cloth. She can recite without touching it.

Because of this, it is not okay to make it forbidden.

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Can women pray Namaz during their periods?

It is against Islam for a woman who is having her period to pray both the Farz and the nafil prayers, and if she does, her prayers won’t be accepted. There is a saying in Islam that says, “Difficulty brings ease.” This means that when someone is going through a hard time, Islam will make some changes to make life easier.

So the problem is not that women are “not allowed” to pray, but that they are excused from doing so because these duties are hard and take a lot of time.

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Can women fast during their periods?

A woman shouldn’t fast when she has her period. Doing so is haram.

Allah doesn’t want menstrual period women to fast because losing blood makes them weak. If a woman fasted while menstruating, she would be weak from both menstruation and fasting, which would be unfair and could be dangerous.

If a woman has her period while fasting, her fast is null and void, even if it happens shortly before Maghrib, and she must make up the day if it was an obligatory fast.

However, once her periods are done, she must make up for all of the missed fasts.

What to do when your wife is on her period in Islam?

In Islam, it is considered respectful to be mindful and considerate of a woman’s menstrual cycle. Some of the things that one can do when your wife is on her period include:

  • Showing sympathy and understanding: Showing kindness and understanding towards your wife during her period can help her feel more comfortable and less self-conscious about her menstrual cycle.
  • Helping with household work: Offering to help with household duties, such as cooking and cleaning, can share some of the burdens off of your wife during this time.
  • Respecting her boundaries: Some women may prefer to avoid physical contact, such as hugging and kissing, during their period. It is important to respect your wife’s boundaries and make sure she is comfortable with any physical contact.
  • Being supportive: It’s important to be supportive and understanding when your wife is on her period. A simple gesture of understanding or a kind word can make a big difference in her mood during this time.
  • In summary, it is important to be respectful and understanding when your wife is on her period and to show sympathy and support in ways that are appropriate for your wife and your relationship.