Mother of Moses: A Story of Faith in God

She was a mother. Like many moms, she had a deep affection for her child. He was a young boy born during a period when it was against the law for boys to live. Moses (peace be upon him) was him.

And his mother witnessed the atrocities committed by the powerful ruler Pharaoh. Pharaoh commanded his soldiers to kill every male born to the Children of Israel out of fear that he would one day fall.

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Prophet Moses’ mother feared for his life when he was born. There didn’t appear to be a way out. However, God was there for her, as is frequently the case when there is no other option.

In the Quran, God explains what this means: “Suckle him, and when you are afraid for him, cast him into the sea,” We told Moses’ mother. Do not be alarmed or saddened; We will bring him back to you and make him a messenger. (28:7) Consider what she is being asked to do for a moment.

Imagine dropping your newborn into the water. But imagine being handed something else that is priceless. Imagine receiving the God’s promise. It is assured to Moses’ mother that she should not be afraid or sad because her Lord will defend her son and bring him back to her.

Additionally, God assures her that her son will work as a messenger. The Pharaoh’s wife discovered baby Moses, as God had predicted. God declares what it implies in the Quran. He was taken in by the Pharaoh’s family so they might use him against them and cause them misery. Without a doubt, Haman, Pharaoh, and their army were wrong. “A source of delight for me and for you; do not kill him,” the pharaoh’s wife declared.

He might be useful to us, or we might consider adopting him as a son. They were ignorant. (28:8-9) Her Faith in God God questioned a woman to put her trust in Him at a time when things appeared to be insurmountable. God gave her His safety in return for her confidence. God never breaks His promises. And He fulfilled His promise to her. In fact, as a demonstration of His power, God made that protection available to the very enemy who was dreaded.

In the Quran, God says regarding Prophet Moses: When We told your mother, ” Put him in the chest and hurl it into the sea; the sea will wash him up on the strand, where an adversary of mine and his will pick him up.” (20:38-9) This is a wonderful indication and lesson. God demonstrated to her and all others that even if one’s neck is beneath a killer’s knife, if God is protecting you, that killer cannot hurt you. The Story’s Lessons There is also a fantastic lesson in relying on God in this story. God demonstrates to humanity via this story that we can only be really saved if we place our complete trust in Him.