Kuwait Islamic Teacher Sentenced To Death For Sexually Abusing Children

An Egyptian Islamic teacher was found guilty of sexually abusing more than 50 children, including his own students, and was sentenced to death in Kuwait.

On Monday, the “biggest” sexual assault case in the history of Kuwait was decided by the Criminal Court.

According to media reports, the case came to light last October when a Pakistani man told police in Farwaniya, south of Kuwait, that his 8-year-old son had been sexually assaulted while walking to a grocery store in the city.

Al Jarida says that the boy’s father gave the police proof of the attack, such as “his son’s clothes, which had signs of abuse.”

A well-informed source told the newspaper that when the police looked at the recordings from the surveillance cameras, they were surprised to see that they also caught a second child being sexually abused.

The insider said the authorities suspected a serial assaulter and found a vehicle in the recordings from a similar sexual assault on a third minor.

The suspected vehicle belongs to a Jahra, Kuwait, Islamic education teacher, the outlet reported.

The teacher confessed to sexually assaulting more than 50 students over three months and threatening to murder them if they told their parents after being detained.