Is Root Beer Halal? Can Muslims Eat It?

Root beer is a popular soft drink, with many well-known brands, including A&W, Barq’s, and IBC.
Before prohibition, alcoholic root beer was a common drink. However, these days you’ll be purchasing a soft drink, or soda pop, rather than root beer when you buy it at the supermarket or a restaurant. Modern root beer does not include alcohol and is therefore permissible under Islamic law.

What Is ‘Hard’ Root Beer – And Is It Halal For Muslims?

In this context, “hard” refers to a high alcohol content, typically 4% or more,
in the root beer (source). Since it contains alcohol, it is forbidden in Islam.

For instance, the amount and “essence” of alcohol in the root beer are discussed in the Islam Q&A. (source).
If the alcohol is in such a minute quantity that it has been totally absorbed by the beverage that it is untraceable,
then root beer is halal to ingest, according to the Islamic authority website.

However, according to the Halal or Haram Team, alcoholic drinks of any kind are forbidden.
He made it clear that Muslims shouldn’t drink any drinks labeled “non-alcoholic”
because even the ones with the lowest alcohol content (.5% or less) contain alcohol (source).

Drinking Root Beer Fatwa

A lengthy Fatwa (source) was released by Islam Q&A on the topic of the legality (and illegality) of alcohol.
The decision covered both alcoholic and nonalcoholic beers.
Due to the fact that root beer can be either alcoholic or non-alcoholic, the same regulations hold true for both.

In the first place, the Islamic judicial website addressed the issue of alcoholic drinks (such as hard root beer).
As an intoxicant, the beer in question is forbidden to purchase, sell, or consume according to the authoritative website.
Additionally, the following hadith was offered by Islam Q&A as proof:

The non-alcoholic beer fell under the purview of the authority site.
Has zero alcohol content, as required by Islamic dietary law, or

• Even if you drank a lot of it, you wouldn’t get drunk since the amount of alcohol in it is so tiny.

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