Tenth Annual “Haleef al-Quran” Festival illuminates Zaid The Martyr’s Biography


Tenth Annual Haleef al-Quran Festival illuminates Zaid The Martyr's Biographycredit by: shiawaves.com

The Tenth Annual “Haleef Al-Quran” Festival was set up at the Zaid the Martyr Holy Shrine in the presence of a number of important and well-known people and followers of AhlulBayet, peace be upon them.

The festival was held with the slogan “Zaid the Martyr. Ally of the Qur’an and Knight of the Field), tell us about Zaid the Martyr’s life and positions, and what he did to help the Ahl al-Bayt (peace be upon them).

Sheikh Qassem al-Hasnawi, the Special Secretary of the Shrine, told (Shia Waves Agency) in a statement, “The festival included an opening session, a photographic exhibition, and a scientific conference in which a group of academic researchers took part.”