Dua For Leaving and Entering House

Dua For Leaving and Entering House


This post will teach you the dua for entering home and the dua for leaving home

two extremely essential duas that we should all master.

In this essay, we will go through brief authentic duas that are easy to remember.

We should make every effort to develop these behaviors in the future.

These duas are based on the Sunnah and the hadith of the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH).

You’ll know which dua to recite when entering and leaving your house

until the end of this article. The Dua for Leaving and Entering the House

Some of the techniques used by the holy prophet, peace be upon him, to

Defending the home from Shaitan’s evils will also be discussed. 

Dua For Entering House


Dua For Entering House

Jabir b Abdullah has reported it. According to Allah’s Messenger, if you enter

your house and mention Allah’s name as you enter or consume your food,

it signifies there will be no food for Satan in your house.

Even if you don’t utter the name, satan not only enters your home

but also eats your food and spends the night there. Dua for Leaving and Entering  House

Dua For Leaving House

Dua For Leaving House

According to a hadith, when a man steps out of his house and recites the dua

for leaving home, no power other than Allah has the authority to harm him in any way.

For him, the devil flees far away, and he is always directed and protected.

We should be grateful to Allah since he has supplied us with shelter and a house

thus we must express our gratitude to him. Always express your gratitude.

These duas are extremely important; everyone should carry them in their pockets so they don’t

forget to recite them. You can even keep it in your smartphone and recite it

while leaving or entering your residence by simply sliding your phone.