Dua For Exam Success

Dua For Exam Success


Dua For Exam SuccessDua For Exam Success

Exam time is an exciting time for elementary, secondary, and even college students.
Students can exhibit their diligence and academic talents through examinations.
Students prepare for tests in various ways. Beginning with repetition and memorization,
 they advance to mental conditioning in preparation.

In addition to physically and psychologically preparing for tests,
Muslims are advised to recite to ask Allah SWT for help with any activity,
 including answering questions. 

It is desired that Allah SWT may provide him with fluency and ease when answering questions.

We are also supposed to have calm, confident, and resigned hearts toward all of our efforts and endeavors.

Allah SWT asks humanity to pray to Him in the Holy Quran because He will certainly grant our pleas.

Alternatively, if we are arrogant in our refusal to involve the Almighty in our concerns,
 we will be humiliated on the final day because we take pride in worshipping Him.

A few days before the exam, the night before, or right before
might be used to pray for success and ease. One does not, however, constantly pray (Dua).

 To accomplish the intended result. Along with attempting and praying,
we are encouraged to be Tawakkul. The actual essence of Tawakkul is to
 do what we can and leave the rest to Allah.

Through tawakkul, we place our total faith and dependence in Allah because
He alone has the authority to manage all elements of life.

Humans can certainly have legitimate expectations based on past efforts.
Allah guarantees an easy road in this world and the next to a person who
 surrenders to Him after doing his best and all that he can.

Dua for Exam Success
Before Studying Recite This

Dua For Exam Success

Begin your studies with this whenever you like. Rabbi Zidni ilma.
This is extremely effective and straightforward for studying.
According to Surah Taha, chapter 20, verse 114,

This is also a Quranic . Rabbi zidnee ‘ilman “My Lord, enhance my understanding!”

then :  “Rabbishrah lee sadree Wayassir lee agree Wahlul ‘updated
min license Yafqahoo qawlee”

“O, my Sustainer! “Open my heart, simplify my duty, and untangle my tongue so
that people may properly comprehend my words.” (Quran-20:25-28)


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