Quran Was Desecrated in Sweden

As people worldwide continue to condemn the burning of Qurans in several European countries, media reports say that three copies of Islam’s Holy Book were found desecrated in different parts of Sweden.

SVT, a Swedish news station, said on Wednesday that three copies of the holy book were found in Ronneby.
One had death threats written on it, and the other two were found in different places.

According to Gudlaug Hilmarsdottir, a Ronneby Islamic neighborhood resident, the Quran provides Guidance, and the attack saddens the community.

A charred Quran and bacon were abandoned outside a mosque in Ronneby in the year 2020.

Despite an inquiry and a description by police as a “hate crime,” no offenders were located.

Rasmus Paludan, a Danish-Swedish extremist, and Edwin Wagensveld, a far-right politician from the Netherlands and the head of the Islamophobic organization Pegida, each burnt copies of the Qur’an independently last month in Sweden, the Netherlands, and Denmark.

(Source: Anadolu Agency)