Paris Mosque Complains Islamophobic French Writer

Paris Mosque Complains on Thursday that they will file a criminal complaint against French author Michel Houellebecq for his anti-Muslim comments.
This comes at a time when Islamophobia is rising in France.

The decision was made after Houellebecq and another writer, Michel Onfray, had a “long conversation.” The conversation was written up in the magazine Front Populaire in November.

In the headline, Houellebecq stated “ people in France were “arming themselves” and could attack Muslim businesses when “entire territories fall under Islamic control.”
“People are getting weapons.

They are buying rifles and taking classes on how to shoot.

I think there will be acts of resistance when whole areas are controlled by Islam.
Then, shootings and attacks will happen in mosques and coffee shops that most Muslims go to. It will be like the Bataclan, but in reverse “he said.

These “lapidary statements,” in the words of the Great Mosque of Paris administrators, were “inappropriate and unbelievably harsh.” They want to provoke prejudiced words and actions rather than enlighten any public debate, it was added.

In a democratic society, it is okay to criticize religion, but the comments in the article are “calling to reject and exclude the Muslim component in its entirety,” the statement said.

“Under these circumstances, the Great Mosque of Paris decided to file a complaint against those comments, which as a way to make people hate Muslims,” it said.