In Nikah Patience

The Arabic word “صبر“, which means “patience and perseverance” in English, is one of the most valued traits of a believer. It is the most helpful virtue, and Allah SWT loves it.

Our Prophet is the best example of how to be patient. He was the most patient person, both in his private and public life.


To preserve a strong link with our partner and in our marriage, we must practice patience. Understanding each other’s flaws and problems helps us be more patient and also helps us both improve. Patience in Nikah also means having Sabr and being tolerant of our in-laws and other relatives.

Our partner, marriage, family, and children can all be used by Allah SWT as a means of trials and tests, thus we should display Sabrun Jameela in their presence.

There Are Many Ways To Be Nikah Patience

  • Patience with your partner.
  • Be patient with your in-laws
  • Children need to be raised with patience
  • Patience in hard times and compromise

Having a special person in our lives can test our patience in many ways, and even finding a spouse can be an act of Sabr. Read more about Patience before Nikah to see how Sabr brings everything full circle. Being quick and antsy in a sacred relationship like marriage doesn’t help us.

Nikah is both a blessing and an obligation for the couple. We should pray to Allah to pour his blessings on us, to keep our marriage healthy, and to provide us with the greatest patience through the most difficult times.

Allah only puts the best believers to the test, so when bad things happen to us, it is a sign that Allah loves and cares for us. Everything we have and everything we do will be put to the test, and we should do our best to handle it with the most beautiful patience. Sabrun Jameela.

A Dua For Patience

إن الله ما صابرين “Indeed, Allah is with the Patient.” (2:153)

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