How To Convert To Islam? To Become A Muslim And Its Benefits

How To Convert To Islam? To Become A Muslim And Its Benefits

How To Convert To Islam To Become A Muslim And Its Benefits

Islam, which originates from an Arabic term meaning “peace,
” literally means “submission” in English.
The Islamic faith teaches that one must submit to God
and follow His revealed Law in order to find inner calm and confidence.

Since “submission to the will of God,” i.e. Islam,
has always been the sole acceptable religion in God’s eyes,
Islam cannot be considered a new religion.
Thus, Islam is the genuine ‘natural religion,’ and its message
is the same eternal truth that has been delivered by
God’s prophets and messengers throughout the ages.
The central teaching of all prophets is that worship
should be directed only toward the One True God.
Adam, Noah, Abraham, Moses, David, Solomon, John the Baptist,
and Jesus is all included in this list of prophets.

Unfortunately, the original intent of these prophets’ words was either forgotten or perverted over time.
There was a time when even the most recent writings could be trusted to lead people in the right direction.
But even the Torah and the Gospel have been tampered with to the point where they no longer provide reliable guidance.
And so, six hundred years after Jesus’ death, God sent the Prophet Muhammad with His ultimate revelation,
the Holy Quran, to all of humanity, reviving the forgotten message of earlier prophets.
Given that Muhammad was the last prophet, God has pledged to keep His last revelations safe until the end of time.
Everyone must now trust in God’s final message and obey it. In the Holy Quran, God declares,

Benefits of converting to Islam Become A Muslim

If you convert to Islam, you will no longer worship any of the objects or
beings God created and will instead believe in and worship God alone.

Additionally, you have a direct connection with God and can begin to learn your life’s true calling.
After converting to Islam, your faults and mistakes from previously will be erased, and you will be given a fresh start.

For a Muslim, paradise exists forever, which is the ultimate reward (heaven).

Because we are all fallible humans, we all make mistakes.
If a Muslim turns to Allah in true repentance after sinning,
Allah is the most forgiving, and Allah adores that person.
This demonstrates that the individual has faith in God and that the God they worship is merciful.

When you say you repent, it indicates you mean it—that
you truly regret your wrongdoing and mean to never do it again.
You may need to offer a second genuine apology if you relapse into the same sin.

A Muslim should be aware of the various factors that can render his or her Shahadah null and
void and the conditions of the Shahadah in order to avoid committing any of the prohibited acts.

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