German Muslims With Headscarves Wait 4.5 Times Longer For Jobs Survey Reveals

German Muslims

A survey on racism found that German Muslims are more likely to be treated badly because of their names and how they look.

A government report said that it was hard for women to get jobs when they wore headscarves and that kids with Turkish names were given lower grades at school.

Reem Alabali-Radovan, Germany’s integration commissioner, gave the report to Chancellor Olaf Scholz’s cabinet on Wednesday. She said that these were examples of structural racism.

She talked about a study that said it was four-and-a-half times harder to get a job interview if you wore a headscarf and had a Turkish name.

Ms. Alabali-Radovan, whose parents were from Iraq, said she often heard stories from migrant and religious groups about how Muslims were treated badly.

About 5.5 million Muslims live in Germany. Many of them are from Turkey and came with their families after the Second World War. Others are from Syria and came during the refugee crisis in 2015.

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