8 Ways To Teach Your Child To Pray In Islam

8 Ways To Teach Your Child To Pray In Islam

8 Ways To Teach Your Child To Pray In Islam

We all know how essential the Salah is as Muslims (prayer).
After the Shahadah, it is the second most crucial component of Islam.
It is the first item for which we must give an explanation to Allah (SWT).

Because of this, it is crucial that we instill a love of prayer
in our children and make Salah a priority in their daily lives.
Instead of needing to be coerced by their parents,
we want children to voluntarily want to pray and
converse with their Lord.
But kids must realize that praying is a duty, not a choice.
8 Ways To Teach Your Child To Pray

1. Use Examples To Teach

The kids like adopting their parents’ personas.
Let them witness you performing wudu and obtaining
your prayer mat as soon as you hear the adhan.

You are your child’s best role model for what it means to be a Muslim as a parent.
Your child will learn the value of prayer
if you prioritize it and don’t put it off or skip it.

You could tell them:
“I’m going to meet with Allah. I must not be late!”

2. Begin Young

It is stated that the Messenger of Allah (pbuh) said:

Teach your kids to pray when they’re seven years old,
and if they don’t by the time they’re ten,
separate them in their beds and give them a little slap.

[Ahmad (6650) and Abu Dawod (459)]

Even while it is not required that children
pray before the age of seven, it is nonetheless
advisable to foster a culture in the family that
inspires children to pray from an early age.

3. Give Them Musalla

If you have room, designate a particular room for prayer.
If you are unable to do this, look to locate
a room’s corner designated solely for prayer.

Children will comprehend the value of prayer when
they see that it has its own space in the house.
Teach the kids that this space must be kept
neat and tidy because it is only used for Salah.

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4. Describe Allah

Introducing your child to Allah is the first step in teaching
them how to pray according to Islamic law.
If you did not first tell children about Allah,
it would be impossible for them to understand why they are praying.

As part of their obligation to Allah,
Muslims must pray every day.
Such as those in surah Al Mulk, verses 1 and 2,
which you could use as a Dua to stay away from sin.

5. Talk About The Prophet Muhammad(PBUH)

The introduction of the Prophet of Islam as a good leader
who should be obeyed can be the most thrilling time
for the young child. Your youngster is more likely
to behave like Jesus on “Take a Prayer”
if you tell a story about it or discuss it in another way.

It is better to make some duas for protection against
shirk by mentioning the greatness of the Prophet Muhammad.
Muslims are required to perform five days of prayer,
as stated in the Quran’s surah An-Nur verse 56,
and they should be familiar with the Prophet.

6. Small Steps

Going from never praying to offering all five prayers
every day might be a very drastic change.
Start off small, then.

“Gift” your youngster a new prayer every six months.
Start with the prayers that are the simplest to perform,
such as Dhuhr or Asr, and work your way through the rest.

As a result, there will be excitement and anticipation
surrounding the prayer. Additionally, it shifts the child’s
perspective from something he MUST
accomplish to something he has been given.

7. Maintain Interest

You can increase interest by doing the following:

  • Create a salah calendar with a simple colouring project on wudu and salah.
  • Send them small thank-you notes to express your appreciation for their efforts.
  • Children’s congregation salah at gatherings and festivities is described in rhymes and stories. Children enjoy copying what their peers do.
  • A colourful project about the story of Meraj.
8. Be Reliable

Even while we want our kids to enjoy praying,
there will be occasions when they are too lazy to.

As parents, it is our duty to instil in them the habit of praying,
especially by the age of 10. Don’t let them forget
to say the prayer. You must always maintain
consistency if you want to develop the habit.

9.Things To Remember

Go slowly: It takes time and effort to learn how to do salah with
the most focus and regularity. As parents,
we need to help them learn and give them time to make salah a
regular part of their lives. Don’t forget that every child works
at their own pace, so pushing or comparing won’t help.

Be kind: As parents, we often feel worried and anxious,
and we want our kids to never miss a salah or at
least start being responsible about it.
When we’re scared, we often do things that aren’t good for us.
If you punish kids or yell at them,
it will only make them dislike salah.
We should be more patient, helpful,
and kind in how we act.

Recognize the child’s efforts: When you recognise the child’s efforts,
it will serve as motivation and appreciation for the child.

Make Dua: Finally, make a lot of dua for your kids so that they
can pray in the best way possible.
I’ll end with a prayer from the Quran that every parent must say every day:
8 Ways To Teach Your Child To Pray