When Does Hajj 2022/1443?

When Does Hajj 2022/1443?

When Does Hajj 2022/1443?

A special amount within the lunar calendar throughout that Muslims

from everywhere around the globe travel observes one amongst Islam’s sacred pillars.

Dhul Qadah is predicted to finish on the Christian holy day and Dhul Hijjah to

start on June thirty reckoning on the observation of the moon.

Hajj takes place between the eighth and twelfth of Dhul Hijjah.

meaning that haj rituals can presumably

begin on July seventh and endways July twelfth.

Eid is predicted to fall on July ninth.

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When Does Hajj 2022/1443?

Pilgrims Arriving In Saudi Arabia


Pilgrims have already begun to arrive in Saudi Arabia for Hajj.

Many people choose to perform umrah and visit Madinah

before beginning the main pilgrimage.

Saudi Arabia recently opened an online portal for potential pilgrims from Europe,

America and Australia to register their interest in performing the Hajj.

Once registered,

the authorities will decide who will receive visas.

The move signaled a return to normalcy,

with Saudi allowing a million people to perform pilgrimage this year.

Due to pandemic restrictions,

foreign pilgrims have been unable to perform Hajj for the past two years.


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