Xinjiang Authorities Forced Uyghur Muslims To Dance In Front Of The Kashgar Mosque

Xinjiang Authorities Forced Uyghur Muslims To
Dance In Front Of The Kashgar Mosque


Uyghur Muslims Dance Front Of The Kashgar Mosque

The United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights, Michelle Bachelet, will visit Uyghur Muslims in the northwest of

The Chinese province of Xinjiang later this month. Kashgar’s administration
is accused of paying Muslim Uyghur men to dance
in the city front of Kashgar’s Id Kah Mosque on May 3 to honor the holy holiday of Eid al-Fitr.

China News Service, a state-run news agency in China, later documented and
released the dance on Youtube on Tuesday (Zhongxinwang).


 Instead of worshipping at the Id Kah Mosque on May 3, they celebrated Eid.

Since 2016, prayers have been restricted in the Id Kah Mosque,
according to a police officer from the Kumdarwaza city police station.
Communist Party organization that supervises neighborhood units across the country.

Officials from the housing committee informed his colleagues, according to the

They had brought personnel to do the Sama, according to the official who did not want to be identified. This Uyghur Muslim dance is frequently done around Eid.

The Muztagh and Donghu Housing Committee, according to the officer,
sent roughly 500-600 persons to perform the Sama dance.

The Chinese government has long denied accusations from the
The United States and other countries it is carrying out a genocidal
campaign against the Uyghurs and other Turkish groups in the region
by enacting strict rules intended at eradicating the region’s native culture and traditions.



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