University of Al-Azhar

University of Al-Azhar

University of Al-Azhar


Al-Azhar University, located in Cairo, Egypt, is one of the

world’s oldest universities. It is linked to the masjid in Cairo named after

Fatima Az-Zahraa (R.A) the Prophet Muhammad’s daughter from whom the Fatimid

Dynasty claimed ancestry. In the month of Ramadan  975 CE, Al-Azhar

began its studies. Islamic law and jurisprudence,

Arabic language, Islamic astronomy,  Islamic philosophy, and logic were all

taught at the university (Jami’ah). Salahuddin Ayyubi turned Al-Azhar

into a Shafi’ite Sunni center of study in the 12th century,

following the overthrow of the Shia Fatimid dynasty.

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