The Mount Of Mercy Area In Arafat Is Going To Get a Makeover

The Mount Of Mercy Area In Arafat Is Going To Get a Makeover

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MAKKAH: Jabal Al-Rahma, also called Mount of Mercy or Mount of Arafat,
is a 454-meter-high granodiorite hill about 20 kilometers southeast of Makkah.
It will soon get a huge makeover to improve services for pilgrims.

As part of a plan to make the holy sites look better,
the Kidana Development Company is in charge of a
project to change the areas next to Jabal Al-Rahma on the plains of Arafat.
Pilgrims and other visitors should have better facilities and services
available to them all year, not just during the Hajj.

The project will add street lights, bathrooms, parking spots,
places to sit, and places to walk.
There will also be restaurants and cafes,
TV channels, and control towers for security.

Muslims regard the area as sacred because
Muhammad delivered his final sermon there.

Pilgrims travel from Mina to Arafat on Dhul Hijjah 9,
this year possibly on Friday, July 8, to pray,
supplicate, and seek forgiveness from Allah.

Nearly 8.8 kilometers west of Mount Arafat,
Muzdalifa is the next stop for the pilgrims who have made the long journey.
Stoning the devil for three days takes place at Mina’s Jamarat,
where pebbles are collected along the way.

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