The Health Of Hajj Pilgrims Is Satisfactory

The Health Of Hajj Pilgrims Is Satisfactory

Health Of Hajj Pilgrims


Saudi Arabia’s Hajj officials say that pilgrims’ health is “satisfactory”
and that they have been able to do their rituals safely at the holy sites.

At a press conference on Thursday in Mina spokespeople for the
Ministry of HealthMinistry of Interior and Ministry of Hajj and Umrah
told reporters that the pilgrimage was going smoothly and that
there had been no major problems.

The health ministry’s spokesman
Dr. Mohammed Al-Abd Al-Aly said that there are 25 000 health
workers in Makkah and Madinah.
He also said that pilgrims can
stay in one of 23 hospitals with 4 654 beds.

Al-Abd Al-Aly said that 1,080 of these beds are for people who
need intensive care and 238 are for people who have heat stroke.
We also have 175 advanced ambulances
some of which can offer advanced care services.
On the Jamarat Bridge, we also have 147 medical
centers and 16 emergency clinics he said.

When he talked about getting ready for coronavirus cases
he said
The pandemic is still there
but we are stronger now to deal with it.
The pilgrims are in good health
and no health problems have been reported.

He said that officials are on the
lookout and ready to help
if a case is found
-Abd Al-Aly said that
so far more than 53 000 pilgrims
health care in the country.

 The Ministry

Col Talal Al-Shalhoub
a spokesman for the Interior Ministry
said that the first part of moving the pilgrims to Mina went well.
This was done so that they could move to Arafat on Friday
stay overnight in Muzdalifah
and then go to Mina for the stoning ceremony.

Al-Shalhoub also said that security officials have
arrested a number of people who tried to get into Makkah without permission.

Al-Shalhoub said that other people who broke the
rules were caught trying to get unregistered pilgrims to Makkah.

A tight security cordon surrounds the holy sites to
keep people who aren’t supposed to be there from getting in he said.

He said that for Hajj to go well
everyone needs to work together.

The Ministry of Hajj and Umrah’s spokesman
Hisham Saeed said that officials are committed to
giving pilgrims the best services possible.
We won’t be nice to any Hajj service provider who doesn’t do their job.

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